The driver shortage truth on the next ‘Live From Exit 24’

July 9, 2021

Land Line Staff


How bad is the so-called shortage of truck drivers? “Live From Exit 24” will provide the facts, including how working conditions and low wages contribute to the real problem, which is driver retention.

Land Line Managing Editor Jami Jones will host the July 14 show and be joined by OOIDA Executive Vice President Lewie Pugh and Michael H. Belzer, a professor of economics at Wayne State University, Detroit.

Every other Wednesday, “Live From Exit 24” – OOIDA’s live, hourlong internet talk show – brings listeners insightful discussions on the regulatory and legislative issues that matter to truckers.

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Past episodes of are archived on the show’s website.

During the June 30 “Live From Exit 24,” the challenges brought about by AB5 in California were discussed by OOIDA Director of Legislative Affairs Bryce Mongeon, Land Line Senior Editor Mark Schremmer and Paul Cullen Jr. of the Cullen Law Firm


Mongeon addressed the political considerations, push by unions and increased state revenue directly tied to AB5. Additionally, there is currently a business-to-business exemption, so long as specific criteria are met and proven with documentation.

As the legal process plays out, Cullen, whose firm has filed two briefs on OOIDA’s behalf, says it’s important to remember an injunction, which exempts the trucking industry, is still in place.

“Owner-operators are directly affected by this, so our firm has helped OOIDA get involved at the appeal and trial court level,” Cullen said. “It’s important to note the injunction is still in place until Supreme Court review. Drivers should not expect any enforcement until the Supreme Court decides whether it will hear the case, which will probably be sometime in September.”

Misclassification issues persist, according to many on the road that Schremmer said he has spoken with, but AB5 doesn’t appear to be the solution to this problem.

“If you’re a leased owner-operator and feel like you have control and have your own business, why would you want this?” Schremmer said. “There are certainly people out there that believe misclassification is a problem, but there aren’t many truckers who think this is a fair way to go about it.”

The level of uncertainty creates another layer.

“We haven’t been able to get any straight answers from the state on how AB5 would be enforced or interpreted,” said Mongeon. “This is potentially an enormous issue, and we think we will see significant changes for the owner-operator as we know it, should this legislation go into effect.”

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how this process plays out, there won’t be any resolution until the current litigation ends, Cullen said.

‘Live From Exit 24’ survey

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