Shell Starship 2.0, coming this May

April 22, 2021

Land Line Staff


Fuel efficiency and a carbon neutral future are the endgame of Shell’s Starship 2.0.

In May, the latest version of the Starship will begin a coast-to-coast journey to demonstrate how Class 8 truck sector energy use can be reduced with the use of available energy-efficient technologies.

“Shell Starship 2.0 will feature technologies that have advanced since its inception and is built to stimulate discussion and drive the conversation around trucking efficiency and carbon reduction,” said Jeff Priborsky, global marketing manager for the on-highway fleet sector for The Haugue, Netherlands-based Shell Lubricants. “We have taken a number of technologies and have drawn them together in a single design with a holistic, connected approach that is crafted to optimize performance and efficiency.”

Shell Starship 2.0 features a new chassis and drivetrain as well as safety and fuel-efficient upgrades. The primary measure used will be “freight-ton efficiency” because it is the most relevant measure of energy expenditure for judging the energy intensity associated with moving, according to a Shell news release.


Shell Starship 2.0
Courtesy Shell.

“The ability to test Shell Starship 2.0 under different road and operating conditions is a great benefit as we prepare for the cross-country journey,” said Robert Mainwaring, technology manager for innovation for Shell Lubricants. “With many updates to the truck, it has given us the opportunity to make sure the new drivetrain and the efficient technologies built into the truck are all operating in concert with each other.”

Regional testing was conducted earlier this year to prepare the Starship for the 2021 run, which will begin in San Diego and end in Jacksonville, Fla.

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency plans to monitor and verify the results as they did in 2018.

Projects like Starship 2.0 help Shell remain at the leading edge of technology development, energy efficiency and sustainability. It also creates opportunities to align and collaborate with like-minded companies, according to the news release.

A Shell Starship made a similar tour in 2018.

Shell Lubricants also announced in February its goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. LL