Left lane rules on the menu in two states

January 11, 2022


State legislatures are starting their annual sessions, and two states have introduced bills that would tighten left lane rules for trucks.

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I. Today’s news with Scott Thompson


The streak of diesel price drops is over. Cross-border travel between the U.S. and Canada is about to reach a pandemic turning point. And their slogan is to protect and serve, not to protect and serve unless there’s a Pokemon nearby.

II. Truckers help out in a crisis

The next time something goes bad, when people are in need and an area is disarray wait a couple days and take a look at the news. What you often see are stories of truckers helping out. Such was the case on I-95 outside Washington, D.C., last week. We’ll bring you the stories of two truckers who got caught in the traffic jam – and did some good while they waited for things to get moving again.

III. Left lane restrictions proposed

State legislatures across the country are starting their annual sessions. And already, two states have introduced bill that would make left lane rules stricter for trucks.

IV. GAO: Time to look at VMT

The Government Accountability Office is throwing some less than subtle hints at the U.S. DOT that the department should begin to take a serious look at funding highways through a mileage-based fee system.

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