OOIDA succession plan detailed in bylaws

January 10, 2018

Land Line Staff


The death of OOIDA President and CEO Jim Johnston on Monday, Jan. 8, triggered the succession plan detailed in the bylaws of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association.

The Association’s board of directors has an established succession plan in the OOIDA bylaws in case anything like this happens. The bylaws are precise, clear and make it so decisions as to leadership and succession do not have to be made in haste.

The bylaws state that in the event of death or a permanent disability that would prevent the president from performing his or her duties, the executive vice president becomes acting president and CEO. The bylaws call for a special election to be held within one year to fill the role permanently to serve out the president’s remaining term.

Following Johnston’s death on Jan. 8, OOIDA Executive Vice President Todd Spencer assumed the role of acting president and chief executive officer. The board has opted to include the special election required by the bylaws in the spring board meeting. The meeting is scheduled for April 24-28.

Johnston was in his ninth five-year term as president and CEO of OOIDA. He was elected to that position in October 2015. Roughly 2½ years will be remaining on his current term at the time of the spring board meeting.