Missing Truck Driver Alert Network enlists help of many in searches

April 12, 2018

Land Line Staff


The Missing Truck Driver Alert Network uses its reach in the professional trucking community via social media to help family and friends locate a truck driver who is missing.

The service began in February 2012. Kari Fisher, wife of driver Lee Fisher, an OOIDA member, founded the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network. They can be reached via the network’s Facebook page.

There also is a Facebook page for Canadian truck drivers: Missing Truck Driver Alert Network of Canada.

Already in 2018, the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network has helped families and friends locate missing professional truckers. Sometimes something bad has happened, such as a death or even murder, but sometimes it is as innocent as someone lost a cell phone.

Before reporting a driver missing to the network, family and friends should file a formal police report.

In addition to that, carriers and family members should gather information such as the year, make, model and color of the truck involved, including all registration numbers for the carrier on the truck’s doors. Also, make a list with a physical description of the driver, what truck stops he typically uses, any medical conditions and other relevant information also helps. Pictures of the driver and the truck help a lot.

Drivers on social media should make sure they have an easy-to-recognize picture of themselves and their trucks available so if the need arises people will know what you look like and what you’re driving.

Kari sometimes sends electronic fliers to truck stops with pertinent information. Truck descriptions are especially important then because truckers walking through the parking lots will be on the lookout for distinctive graphics and identifying marks on the truck, she said.