FMCSA mulls extending exemption for Old Dominion, other fleets using PeopleNet ELDs

January 30, 2018

Greg Grisolano


Having already granted a limited waiver to Old Dominion and other similarly-situated motor carriers until March 18, FMCSA is now considering an exemption request that would last until Dec. 18 of this year.

In its petition, Thomasville, N.C.-based Old Dominion notes that it was “an early adopter” of automatic on board recording devices in its fleet of over 8,500 power units. In addition to the devices, the company claims to have “expended considerable time, effort and resources” in developing comprehensive back-office fleet management and safety systems that integrate AOBRD data with dispatch, fleet maintenance, payroll and safety-performance programs.

Unless its exemption request is granted, the company’s petition states that operating a mixed fleet of vehicles running different software “may disrupt Old Dominion’s operations and negatively impact its existing integrated safety capabilities.”

“Old Dominion believes there is no ELD platform currently on the market capable of integrating with its fleet management and safety systems,” the petition states. “Given the ELD mandate and the FMCSA’s subsequent interpretations of that mandate, Old Dominion is faced with a situation that threatens to unwind those systems, along with the myriad of safety-related benefits that those currently provide.”

If granted, the agency says the request would allow ELD provider PeopleNet to complete the development of software to integrate electronic logging data with the company’s fleet management and safety systems. The exemption would apply to any motor carrier wishing to integrate PeopleNet’s ELD software into fleet management systems.

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Old Dominion has said the company is working with PeopleNet on a software update that would eliminate certain features on the software for its AOBRDs, which would limit the auto-duty driving status change threshold to 5 miles and the geo-fencing of yards to a 0.5-mile radius. The exemption is requested for any truck added to the company’s fleet on or after Dec. 18, 2017, the date the ELD mandate took effect.

The company’s request specifies that Old Dominion will purchase and install ELD devices, but those devices will use the company’s existing AOBRD software that already integrates with its fleet management and safety systems.