March-April 2022

At a crossroads

The U.S. DOT says the right things about driver pay and retention, but what will be done about it?


Truck driver pay, Buttigieg art

At a crossroads

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg kicked off 2022 by saying all of the right things regarding truck driver pay, but what is being done about it?

automated vehicle

Highs and lows

A congressional hearing highlighted the potential benefits of automated vehicles while also recognizing the potential dangers.

Under-21 pilot program notices open to comment until Nov. 9

‘Younger drivers crash more’

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association said the statistics are clear. Younger, under-21 drivers crash more often.

FMCSA Deputy Administrator Robin Hutcheson

Revolving door

Again, the FMCSA has a new acting administrator in charge with Robin Hutcheson being assigned the role in January.

UCR logo

UCR fees slated to drop 27%

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has proposed a reduction in UCR fees by about 27% for the 2023 registration year.

vision standards test chart

FMCSA moves forward with new vision standards

FMCSA’s new vision standards will allow individuals who do not satisfy requirements in one eye to be considered physically qualified.

CDL training truck and cones

CDL training enrollment sees spike ahead of new entry-level training regs

Many CDL training centers reported an increase in interest leading up to implementation of the entry-level driver training rule on Feb. 7.

American Highway Users Alliance logo

Highway coalition says job is not over

The American Highway Users Alliance says more work needs to be done in order to fulfill the promise of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Canada protests cross-border truckers vaccine

Cross-border vaccine mandates lead to Canadian protest

Cross-border vaccine mandates went into effect in the U.S. and Canada in January. Heading into February, many truckers were protesting.

convoy art

Truck convoy to D.C. gearing up for March 4

A truck convoy protesting vaccination mandates is scheduled to kick off its trek to Washington, D.C., on March 4 in California.

FMCSA updates guidance on CDL knowledge tests

FMCSA had updated its guidance to clarify that the regulations allow third-party testers to administer CDL knowledge tests.

legislation, state watch, bills

State Watch – March/April 2022

Since the first of the year, lawmakers throughout the country have been working to advance their agendas through various bills.

fuel tax art

Fuel tax relief pursued in nine states

Legislative efforts in eight states would provide truck drivers and motorists relief from fuel tax increases already enacted and coming up.

States address left lane use

State lawmakers in four states are pursuing rule changes they are hopeful will result in more limited use of the left lane.

Truck towing truck

Truck insurance coalition spotlights need for Maryland towing reform

A coalition of trucking and insurance companies is urging Maryland lawmakers to address unscrupulous towing companies.

Washington bills - truck parking, restrooms

OOIDA, WTA support Washington state bills

The Washington Trucking Association and OOIDA are working together at the Washington statehouse to address truck parking and restroom access.

No Trucks Left Lane sign

Left lane truck rules pursued in Virginia and Missouri

Transportation leaders at the Virginia and Missouri capitals introduced bills to single out trucks from left lane use on interstates.

CDL driving test

New York looks to address ‘driver shortage’ by adding CDL skills testing sites

As states attempt to combat a driver shortage, New York Governor believes she has a plan to get drivers back on the road.

ELD hours of service

‘Common sense’

The FMCSA and OOIDA fight back in a lawsuit challenging the changes to the hours-of-service rules. OOIDA says the rules are based on common sense.

Dick Pingel

Driver retention is the solution

OOIDA Board Member Dick Pingel brings driver retention and other issues to the forefront of the conversation on driver shortages.

traffic fatalities roadside memorial

Traffic fatalities on the rise, NHTSA crash stats show

Last year is looking to be another record year for traffic fatalities, according to the latest National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s data.

3G cell tower

Phaseout of 3G network marches forward

By the time you get this magazine, AT&T will have already phased out its 3G network. Other carriers will follow soon after.

Walmart Transportation logo

Female trucker alleges Walmart’s uniforms discriminate

A female driver for Walmart is suing the mega retailer, accusing the company’s uniforms of being discriminatory towards women.

MAASTO states map (truck weight limit art)

Several Midwest states agree on truck weight limits

States in the Mid America Association of State Transportation Officials are working together to establish more uniform truck weight limits.

XPO Logistics container

XPO port drivers take steps to unionize

XPO Logistics’ independent contractors at California ports are seeking to unionize while simultaneously challenging their employment status.

March-April 2022

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Hair testing study flawed and insulting to truckers

OOIDA Foundation points out flaws in a University of Central Arkansas study aimed at promoting the use of hair testing in the trucking industry.

John Bendel, Yellow

There’s gold for the ATA in the driver shortage

The ATA wins. Trucking and its people lose. The problems remain. And, as Sonny and Cher once said in a song, the beat goes on.



‘Significant milestone’

The Mid-America Trucking Show will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year in Louisville, Ky. MATS is scheduled for March 24-26.

50 - Mid-America Trucking Show

Something for everyone

Whether you’re all about work or play, the Mid-America Trucking Show has events of all types for show attendees.

OOIDA Board Member Dough Smith

TV role becomes reality

Leaving a legacy for his family was a major driving force for Doug Smith, who recently made an appearance on A&E’s “Shipping Wars.”

Brian Lombard

Taking pride in his work

A husband-and-wife driving team go above and beyond to help an inexperienced truck driver find a safe place to park his tractor-trailer.

Martha Taylor

Remembering Martha Taylor

Martha Greene Taylor, a longtime member of OOIDA’s Scholarship Committee and wife of Director Emeritus John C. Taylor, died on Jan. 19.

Truck stop pioneer Jack Cardwell dies

Jack Cardwell pioneered today’s truck stop concept

Jack Cardwell, a pioneer of the modern truck stop, died on Jan. 23 at the age of 89. He left a legacy familiar to all long-haul truckers.

world record art

From wild child to world record

An OOIDA life member owns a place in history as world record holder. A stunt driver, he’s done rollovers and crashes, but this jump stands out.

Maximum Overdrive truck

To the max

Nate Lawrence’s fandom of the 1980s movie “Maximum Overdrive” led to the building of a replica of the truck, which was unveiled at GBATS.

show truck

Mafia Secrets – March/April 2022

Meet the truckers whose smokin’ hot show trucks got caught on the lot at Chrome Shop Mafia HQ in Joplin, Mo.

thankful, OOIDA, tour trailer, OOIDA on the road

OOIDA on the road – March/April 2022

Marty Ellis takes the OOIDA tour trailer back to the Mid-America Trucking Show. He’s been to MATS before but not as the pilot of The Spirit.

trucker; dashboard confidential; inspection

Dashboard Confidential March/April 2022

When traffic grinds to a stop because of a snowstorm, what do you do? Dave Sweetman witnessed a lot of good people lending a hand on I-95.

Slight Detour - monkeys and restrooms

Slight Detour – March/April 2022

EXCESSIVE PUNS WARNING! There's a lot of monkeying around on the highways, including falling animals, Big Brother in the restroom and actual monkeys.

St. Jude/Averitt Express donation art

Averitt Express donates $1 million to St. Jude hospital

For a third straight year, Averitt Express and its employees will donate more than $1 million to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

truckers, Roses and Razzberries, Roses & Razzberries

Roses & Razzberries – March/April 2022


Has trucking discovered the automated holy grail?

At least two new truckload companies claim they’re close and getting closer to the automated holy grail.

Not ready for prime time

Controversy continues to closely follow Tesla in its quest for high-level autonomous vehicles.

Schneider not pulling out of Canada, analyst says

Green Bay, Wis.-based Schneider National announced Canadian operations will cease. but this does not equate to an end to the company's presence in Canada.

Christenson Transportation

Christenson Transportation nearly doubles operation

Sharp Transport Inc., is now a division of Christenson Transportation following a late 2021 acquisition.

Hot Stuff Cool Services, truck products

Cool stuff – March/April 2022

Land Line Magazine's Cool Stuff showcases truck products and equipment for truckers. This issue includes non-lethal protection and dunnage storage.


Wrench Tech

Wrench Tech – March/April 2022

Electrical issues present numerous problems, most of which are do to daily conditions they are subjected to.

Road law

Road Law – March/April 2022

Road Law explains when to fight - and not fight - a ticket.

Trucking & Taxes

Trucking & Taxes – March/April 2022

Even if you have done everything right, you could still end up on the wrong side of an IRS audit.