Another ELD maker, ZED ELD, closes up shop

December 28, 2018

Land Line Staff


ZED ELD, the Cummins-powered electronic logging device, is being phased out, and users only have a month to find another one before the company pulls the plug.

In a notice on its website, ZED Connect is shutting down the ZED ELD product. The company negotiated a “zero-cost” transfer agreement with Stoneridge EZ-ELD. Current ZED customers will have to opt into the Stoneridge deal in order to transfer.

The company is only giving fleets a few days to figure out what to do. Smaller operations will have a bit more time. Fleets have until Dec. 31 to opt in. Others will need to do it by mid-January because the transfer will take up to two weeks to complete. All users have until Jan. 31, 2019, to opt into Stoneridge or another provider.

Those who wait to do anything until after the ZED ELD quits working, have eight days to find another one and must use paper logs to record their hours of service for those eight days.

ZED is the second ELD manufacturer to officially announce it is pulling out of the ELD market. The first was ONE 20 F-ELD.

Truckers looking for ELD options can review the self-certified devices here. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association also maintains a list of complaints from members about different devices. Click here to review that information.