TA Truck Service offers free midtrip inspections through May 15

April 18, 2023

Land Line Staff


With CVSA International Roadcheck just around the corner, TravelCenters of America is offering free midtrip inspections at its TA Truck Service locations.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance International Roadcheck inspection blitz is planned for May 16-18. Inspectors will be set up in the U.S., Canada and Mexico to inspect commercial motor vehicles. In addition to their usual roadside safety inspections of commercial motor vehicles and drivers, this year inspectors are expected to specifically focus on anti-lock braking systems and cargo securement. Read more here.

The TA Truck Service midtrip inspections can help identify vehicle issues, including worn brake pads, low tire pressure, or fuel system leaks. Early detection of problems can head off bigger problems, the service company advises.

Midtrip inspections include these checks:

  • Tires – Ensure proper pressure and tread depth, and spotting damage or wear early.
  • Brakes – Test the entire system for performance, functionality, safety, and compliance.
  • Fluids – Look for oil, coolant, and other fluid leaks and check for signs of contamination.
  • Electrical systemVerify that the battery, alternator, wiring, connectors, lights, and signals are functioning.
  • Suspension – Detect any damage or malfunction in the shocks and other suspension components.
  • Cargo – Be sure the vehicle’s cargo is secured properly to avoid safety hazards on the road.

The free midtrip inspections at participating TA Truck Service locations are available through May 15.

Find a convenient TA, Petro or TA Express location here.

All makes of trucks are welcome.

TA Truck Service recommends that professional drivers be on the lookout for signs that their truck needs extra attention. Listen for unusual noises or vibrations. Pay attention to vehicle performance or functionality. Take note of any warning lights that appear on the dashboard. LL

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