Rep. Nehls says restroom access bill should slide through Congress

December 21, 2022

Mark Schremmer


As far as Rep. Troy Nehls is concerned, his Truckers Bathroom Access Act is a “no-brainer.”

The new bipartisan bill introduced by the Texas Republican aims to make sure that the truck drivers who keep the nation’s supply chain moving have access to a restroom when they are waiting to deliver or pick up a load.

Nehls recently spoke with Land Line Media about HR9592 and why he believes every lawmaker should get on board.

The bill simply requires shipper and receiver facilities that have restrooms accessible to their customers and employees to make those same restrooms available for truck drivers who are delivering or receiving a load. The legislation would not require businesses to construct new restrooms.

Nehls said it’s the least America can do for the truck drivers who keep the nation’s supply chain moving.

“When you look at the number of truckers out there – the goods and services that American truckers deliver each and every day … It’s about time they have the basic right to use a restroom while working,” Nehls told Land Line Now.

Rep. Chrissy Houlahan, D-Pa., joined Nehls to make the legislation a bipartisan effort.

Next congressional session, the Republicans will have a majority with 222 members in the House. But Nehls said this is a bill that he believes all members of Congress will get behind.

“I don’t believe I’m going to have a problem getting enough support to get this through the House of Representatives. Again, this isn’t throwing another unfunded mandate on businesses. There’s really no cost to this thing. It’s actually just a courtesy these businesses are going to provide to the truckers – the men and women who are delivering cargo to that business … I think this is very simple. This should be something that should have a great deal of support in the House of Representatives and then it should slide right through the Senate and get signed.”

The legislation would:

  • Require retailers, warehouses, and other businesses to give truckers access to bathroom facilities when they are picking up cargo or making deliveries.
  • Not require businesses to construct new restrooms. It only requires that if a business has a restroom available to their customers or employees, truckers should have the same access.
    Require the operators of ports and terminals to provide bathroom access to drayage drivers.
  • The Truckers Bathroom Access Act is supported by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association and the Women in Trucking Association. LL