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Virtual Mid-America Trucking Show, day 1

March 25, 2021


Land Line Now, March 25, 2021.

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It’s our virtual Mid-America Trucking Show – and today, we’ll explain some of the regulations and agencies truckers deal with every day.

Mid-America Trucking Show MATS

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

Congress talks truck parking for the second day in a row. A Pennsylvania trucking group pushes back against bridge tolls. And now hiring: a commercial “spokesfist.”

II. MATS – new officials, education and new regulations

First, the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville is where we first meet new federal officials, a place for education seminars, and a chance to update truckers on the latest regulatory news.

III. Two states work to increase road funding

Missouri is inching closer to raising its fuel tax for the first time in 25 years, while Utah is on the cusp of sending more than a billion new dollars into highway funding.

IV. MATS – who runs what in D.C.

The Mid-America Trucking Show is a chance to get educated – about things like the trucking business and the equipment. But it’s also a chance to learn how the government interacts with truckers, and who’s in charge of what.

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