Toll increases may hit a wall in New Jersey

December 28, 2021


An effort by New Jersey lawmakers could slam the brakes on automatic toll increases on the Turnpike, Expressway and Garden State Parkway.

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I. Today’s news with Scott Thompson

After going up, up, up for much of the year, diesel prices continue a new trend of going down, down, down. The ports of L.A. and Long Beach kick their can of container fees down the road again. And the Christmas gift that keeps on giving – and being given.

II. All about after-treatment

It wasn’t that many years ago that truckers were likely unaware of the term, “after-treatment.” But those systems are now an integral part of trucks, and as a result, can create all kinds of problems if they don’t work properly. We’ll offer some advice.

III. Automatic toll increases would stop under proposal

An effort in New Jersey could slam the brakes on automatic Turnpike Authority toll increases, while Michigan may cut red tape for local road funding.

IV. Vaccination update

An attempt to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations is headed for the Supreme Court, while several senators are asking for an exemption for truckers from another mandate.

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