Rates up, but for how long?

April 1, 2020


Land Line Now, April 1, 2020.

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Freight and rates are up, but a drop in rates could be coming soon. Also, we’ll explain how the second COVID-19 stimulus bill could affect your business.


I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

The FMCSA gives truckers guidance on stay-at-home orders; the drop in traffic could cause funding problems down the road; and taking social distancing to new heights – it’s today’s news in trucking.

II. Going retro

How do you take a modern truck and make it look cool and retro? Well, it turns out a lot of options are available. Our producer, Barry Spillman, and I will talk with Bryan Martin, the boss man at the Chrome Shop Mafia.

III. Rates looking good – for now

Freight and rates are up, but a drop in rates could be coming soon.

IV. How the next stimulus will affect you

The second stimulus bill – meant to deal with the COVID-19 crisis – has been signed by the president and is now law. We’ll explain how it could affect you.

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