Pesky tickets and citations, from window tint and blocking glint

September 11, 2020


Land Line Now, Sept. 11, 2020.

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Tickets and citations are part of the job, but not all are created equal. Swatting away at the peskiest. Plus, a new push to fund transportation projects.

pesky tickets and citations

I. Today’s News with Terry Scruton

Wildfires continue to cause travel headaches in the west; CARB cracks down on diesel violations; and, if you’re going to impersonate a cop, be careful who you pull over.

II. Pesky tickets and citations

At some point, nearly all truckers will face getting a ticket or citation. And some of them will be for what seem like silly or pesky violations. What tops the list.

III. Weather changes; CVSA Roadcheck safety blitz

The latest from the road, where drivers have just about seen all four seasons over the past week. Plus, information on the CVSA Roadcheck safety blitz.

IV. Highway bill extension request

With the current highway bill nearly running out of road, dozens of organizations are asking Congress for an extension, plus emergency funding for states and COVID-19 recovery efforts.

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