Personal conveyance questions answered

October 18, 2021


Land Line Now, Oct. 18, 2021.

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Few rules in trucking generate as many headaches as the rules for using your truck as a personal conveyance. We’ll have some advice.

personal conveyance

I. Today’s news with Scott Thompson

Transportation secretary addresses supply chain crisis on national TV, calls out driver retention problem. XPO settles two misclassification lawsuits involving hundreds of port drivers for $30 million. And a popular trucking reality show is coming back to TV.

II. Personal conveyance – let’s make it less confusing

Confusion over various regulations or guidance can create all kinds of headaches – and few have created as much as the rules surrounding the use of your truck as a personal conveyance. We’ll address some recent questions about that and split sleeper time.

III. Lease-purchase problems

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is – and that’s especially true of lease-purchase agreements. The October issue of Land Line Magazine tackles that issue, along with “walk-away leases,” with tips on what to watch out for.

IV. Truck parking update

Truck parking issues are heating up in local governments, and bill to pay for more truck parking remains under consideration in Congress.

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  • To run various hours-of-service scenarios to see if you would be compliant or in violation, go to the FMCSA’s ETHOS web page.
  • OOIDA is urging truckers to call their members of Congress about HR 2187, the Truck Parking Safety Improvement Act. You can do that at the Fighting for Truckers website.
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