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Left lane restrictions not getting any more popular

July 16, 2021


Land Line Now, July 16, 2021.

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Marty Ellis is tracing the Oregon Trail – and hearing about left lane restrictions on modern highways – and why truckers dislike them.

No trucks in left lane, lane use restrictions

I. Today’s news with Scott Thompson

Another city wants to ban all truck parking. Two heavy hitters team up to develop driverless technology. And what do you get when you combine an overturned truck, ramen noodles and a lake? The answer is … jokes.

II. Guilty by Association Truck Show – coming soon

Not too far in the future, Bryan Martin and the Chrome Shop Mafia will open another edition of the Guilty by Association Truck Show in Joplin, Missouri. We’ll take a look at what’s included, and how they put it together.

III. Left lane restrictions get truckers’ attention

Marty Ellis is tracing the Oregon Trail, the ultimate one-lane road. So it seems right that he’s hearing about lane restrictions on modern, multilane highways.

IV. What will accompany road funding this year

Every year, the federal government decides how much to spend on roads and bridges. And every year, that bill becomes a magnet for ideas good and bad that have nothing to do with that money. It’s happening again right now in the U.S. House.

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