How to find the good broker

December 31, 2021


Bad brokers aren’t the only kind – there are good brokers as well. And finding one of those can be a make-or-break difference for a carrier.

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I.  Today’s news with Scott Thompson

After going up for much of the year, diesel prices continue a new trend of going down. Canada announces new lighting standards for all vehicles, including heavy trucks. And if you’re going to steal, the IRS wants to make sure you don’t flub up your taxes.

II. Survey: Just what trucks are out there?

To figure out what trucks need in terms of highway infrastructure, it’s probably a good idea to know which trucks are going to be on the highways. Now, three federal agencies are preparing to conduct a survey to discover just that – and OOIDA says it could be good news for truckers.

III. Good brokers, and how to find them

We’ve spoken on the program several times about the problems some truckers have with bad brokers. But we’ve always said there are good brokers as well. And finding one of those can be a make-or-break difference for a small carrier. We’ll bring you some advice from Bill Bess and Joe Creedon of Allen Lund Co., along with Tom Crowley of OOIDA’s Business Services Department.

IV. New year, new opportunities

A new year means new opportunities – and that’s as true on Capitol Hill as anywhere else. We’ll go over what OOIDA intends to pursue in the new year.

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Links, email addresses, phone numbers and more information

  • Starting Monday, Marty Ellis and the Spirit of the American Trucker will be at the TA in Terrell, Texas. That’s at Exit 503 off Interstate 20. Find upcoming Spirit stops here.
  • In February, three federal agencies will launch a nine-month Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey. OOIDA is encouraging truckers to take part. Find more information here, or contact the Census Bureau at 844-395-4085.
  • For more information about working with brokers, you can go to the Allen Lund Co. website.
  • Be sure to check out the Fighting for Truckers website. Remember, it’s never too late to contact your lawmakers. You can do that via the website or by calling 202-224-3121.
  • You can donate to the Truckers for Troops fund all year long.
  • OOIDA has an online resource to provide access to information needed to operate in the coronavirus pandemic. Click on the COVID-19 menu at the top of the page on the Land Line Media website.
  • If a carrier, shipper, receiver or broker coerces you to violate the regulations, document the coercive act, then either call 1-888-DOT-SAFT or file a complaint online to the National Consumer Complaint Database.