DOT physical: What is and is not required

October 27, 2021


Land Line Now, Oct. 27, 2021.

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Several health issues are generating a lot of talk right now – and one of the big ones is what is and is not required on your U.S. DOT physical.

DOT physical

I. Today’s news with Greg Grisolano

OOIDA lends its support to a Senate bill that prohibit firing unvaccinated essential workers. Nearly a half million people in New England are without power after a nor’easter. And the impact of supply chain delays now includes – tombstones?

II. DOT physical requirements

Several health issues are generating a lot of talk right now –what is and is not required on your U.S. DOT physical; and a recall of CPAPs and how it affects truckers. Also, research says more than a third of all truckers smoke – a habit that can lead to all kinds of health problems. So the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund has started a program called “Rigs Without Cigs.”

III. The supply shortage and the freight market

The spot market is hot and rates continue to be strong, but for every action there is a reaction. Matt Sullivan of DAT explains how the supply shortage is showing up in the spot market before getting into the latest trends and numbers.

IV. OOIDA to California: Here’s how to fix the supply chain

California is contemplating how to deal with supply chain problems. And OOIDA has told the governor that any effort has to include fixing challenges faced by truck drivers.

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