Congress can’t get it done – again

September 22, 2020


Land Line Now, Sept. 22, 2020.

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Congress has failed to replace the most recent highway bill – or pass required spending bills. Now, they may kick both cans down the road.

Congress HOS reform lauded by group of lawmakers

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

UPS asks the FMCSA to take a second look at a driver training request; a congressional committee proposes a plan to fund the federal government a little longer; and next up for 2020: armed chipmunks.

II. A better way to manage pain; avoiding the flu

Over-the-counter medications can often be combined to manage pain and other problems better than prescription meds with far more side effects. Plus, how you can avoid the flu.

III. Upcoming election

Voters throughout the nation this fall will cast ballots on important races and issues; meanwhile, Michigan contemplates the possible end of a license plate tab requirement.

IV. Congress punts on highway bill, spending bills

For some time, Congress has been unable to either create a replacement for the most recent highway bill – or to pass required annual spending bills. Now, it appears they may kick the can down the road on both.

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