Motor carriers’ participation needed for ATRI’s Operational Costs of Trucking data

June 3, 2020

Land Line Staff


The American Transportation Research Institute is asking motor carriers to participate in its annual Operational Costs of Trucking report.

ATRI’s Operational Costs of Trucking report compiles information submitted by motor carries and breaks down the various costs of trucking operations. The report analyzes vehicle-based and driver-based costs by per mile and per hour.

Vehicle-based costs include:

  • Fuel costs.
  • Truck/trailer lease or purchase payments.
  • Repair and maintenance.
  • Truck insurance premiums.
  • Permits and licenses.
  • Tires.
  • Tolls.

Driver-based operational costs of trucking consists of driver wages and driver benefits.

According to ATRI, the Operational Costs of Trucking is among the most requested ATRI research studies.

In its 12th year, the report is used as a key benchmarking tool by a variety of motor carries. Information from the report is also used by the public sector to make better-informed transportation planning and infrastructure investment decisions, according to ATRI.

ATRI encourages all for-hire motor carriers to provide information for this year’s Operational Costs of Trucking report. Participants must provide full-year 2019 cost per mile and/or cost per hour data. Responses are due by Aug. 21. To take the survey, click here.

All information will be confidential. Those who participate will receive an advanced copy of the full report.

Last year’s Operational Costs of Trucking report revealed all measurements analyzed increased the previous year except one category: tires. Tire costs remained unchanged.

That report includes information for the first year that requires carriers to have an electronic logging device or automatic onboard recording device. Consequently, initial setup combined with recurring service costs added to expenditures.

According to the report, ELD per unit fees were $757.81, plus an additional $37.32 per month for subscription fees.