Meals for 18 Wheels can use volunteers to deliver meals

May 1, 2019

Land Line Staff


Through Meals for 18 Wheels, volunteers deliver meals to drivers in acute need. Perhaps a driver’s truck has broken down or a driver is sitting overnight at a receiver without food or needing a meal due to circumstances beyond their control.

In circumstances like that, Meals for 18 Wheels tries to help.

It is a temporary service for drivers who are in need of a meal. Meals for 18 Wheels offers to help a driver as many as three times in a six month period.

There is a Meals for 18 Wheels Facebook page where volunteers can sign up to help. If you click on the “sign up” button, they ask for your name, phone number, your homebase area, if they can text you if a driver in your area needs help, and if you can help during major holiday times, throughout the year, or if you have no time restrictions.

Meals for 18 Wheels organizers coordinate available volunteers with requests for a plate of food. The volunteer and driver will be put in contact with each other so the volunteer can deliver the food. Meals for 18 Wheels organizers try to help as much as it can, but there are no guarantees.

There were multiple posts on the Facebook page offering to help drivers stranded by the abrupt Falcon Transport shutdown.

Meals for 18 Wheels Facebook group started on Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013, the day before Thanksgiving. The story about it written by Land Line Magazine that year.

There was a post from a driver onto the Missing Truck Driver Alert Facebook page, run by Kari Fisher. They had posted on the Missing Driver Alert page a wish for everyone to have a happy Thanksgiving. Someone in the trucking industry replied that circumstances were keeping them away from family and friends over the holidays.

Despite the short notice, Fisher and fellow organizer Crystal Schoonmaker said they were still able to get meals to 31 drivers on Thanksgiving Day that year.