February 2024

Congressional crosshairs

Teeing up truckers' angst over speed limiters and AEBs, lawmakers challenge FMCSA's plans to mandate the tech



Congressional crosshairs

At a House hearing, several lawmakers spoke on behalf of truck drivers in opposition of speed limiters and to voice other concerns.

Driver shortage

‘No evidence’

There isn’t a truck driver shortage. ATA just thinks that there is, according to an economic professor’s findings.


Identify and penalize

FMCSA issued a final rule to improve broker regulations. OOIDA petitioned the agency to strengthen the broker rules.


Stricter emission standards closer to reality

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is wasting little time moving forward with an attempt to establish strict truck emission standards.


Groups seek relief from new FMCSA rule

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association and another group have petitioned FMCSA to reconsider one of its newest rules.

legislation, state watch, bills

State Watch – February 2024

This month’s edition of State Watch takes a look at various transportation pursuits in seven statehouses around the nation.

cargo theft

New North Carolina law ups ante on cargo theft

A new North Carolina law is intended to boost the deterrence of truck, rail or container cargo theft through tougher punishment.

fuel tax

Fuel tax changes now in effect

Fuel tax rate revisions of amounts ranging from about a penny to a nickel took effect the first of the year in states across the country.

truck parking

Truck parking need highlighted in Florida

The Florida governor’s proposed state transportation budget for the coming fiscal year includes millions for truck parking.

truck routes

New York City revamping truck routes

For the first time in decades, truck routes in New York City will be seeing some significant changes. Find out what’s in store.

congestion pricing

New York City congestion pricing plan takes shape

New York City is poised to become the nation’s first city to adopt congestion pricing. Find out what that means for truckers.

truck route

New citywide truck route plan coming to Houston

Truckers driving through Houston will need to adhere to a new citywide truck route. Find out what the new plan covers.

solar eclipse

A total eclipse of the freight?

The solar eclipse is expected to bring 1.5 million visitors to Arkansas. Officials are asking truckers to help with traffic concerns.

truck drivers

Georgia panel makes recommendations on ‘shortage’ of truck drivers

A Georgia Senate study panel came up with a list of recommendations to help address the needs of truck drivers in the state.


Tennessee trekking toward toll lanes

The Tennessee Department of Transportation revealed a 10-year transportation plan. The plan includes multiple toll lane projects.


Seeking safety

The Midwest Commercial Vehicle Safety Summit lacked a large showing from the industry’s most important stakeholders – the truck drivers.


Same goal, different perspectives

Members of NHTSA underride advisory committee are divided on the best way to reduce fatality crashes in the trucking industry.

truck parking

Progress toward more truck parking

A group of transport officials and stakeholders gave a glimpse of how truck parking is going on their end. Find out what progress is being made.


Turning the tides

The Women of Trucking Advisory Board has submitted its final report to FMCSA. Here’s why its work is important for all drivers.


Truckers must get in the game

When it comes to legislative and regulatory battles in the trucking industry, truckers can’t afford to sit on the sidelines and hope things work out.

Collin Long, president, truck parking crisis oped, trucker

Winning requires trucker engagement

OOIDA’s D.C. team is poised to score for truckers in the legislative arena. Trucker engagement can take the efforts across the goal line.

Federal lawmakers

Federal lawmakers are just a phone call or email away

Maximize your communication with federal lawmakers through methods that include phone calls, writing letters and emails.


OOIDA committed to constant communication with truckers

OOIDA remains dedicated to providing professional drivers with the essentials to communicate with appointed and elected officials.


Citizens have options to effect change without legislation

Taking matters into your own hands via the initiative, referendum or recall processes offers an alternative to legislation.


2024 state legislature directory

Land Line’s round up of phone numbers to contact your state lawmakers and links to state legislatures to keep tabs on trucking legislation.

Cargo theft

Cargo theft ring fried by Kentucky police

An 18-month effort by Kentucky law enforcement helped put an end to a cargo theft ring allegedly responsible for $10 million in stolen freight.


Truckers appreciated by most Americans, survey says

It’s not uncommon for truckers to be portrayed negatively in the media. However, a new survey suggests that most Americans hold a different view.


Lawmakers tout overtime bill for truckers

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle joined Land Line Now in recent months to tout a bill that would guarantee overtime pay for truckers.

autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles: Where are we headed?

The autonomous vehicle industry had a bad year in 2023. Can more oversight from the federal government put AVs back on track?

February 2024

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Jami Jones, speed limiters, due process, truck driver pay

ATA’s driver pay hustle

Much like a street hustler, the American Trucking Associations is trying every trick in the book to confuse the truck driver pay discussions.

Mark Schremmer, Big Trucking, truckers

Trackers on truckers sidelined following advocacy efforts

In 2022, FMCSA considered mandating electronic IDs for trucks. Truckers voiced their displeasure, and the proposal has been sidelined.


tribute trucks

A trucking tribute

Land Line features two tribute trucks that are designed to raise awareness and honor active service members, veterans and those who are prisoners of war or missing in action.

Transition Trucking

‘Special breed’

The 2023 Transition Trucking: Driving for Excellence Award was presented along with a special edition Kenworth T680 in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 15.

Wreaths Across America

An emotional ride

OOIDA senior member Lamar Buckwalter of Leola, Pa., took part in the Wreaths Across America event for the first time. Safe to say it won’t be his last.

truck show

Truck show season

MATS unofficially gets trucks show season going in March. The ATHS, Wheel Jam and Texas Trucking shows are set for June, and the Walcott Jamboree is in July.


‘I was honored’

OOIDA member Walter McCahill of Burlington, Wis., received the Golden Achievement Award from the American Truck Historical Society in 2023.


Mafia Secrets – February 2024

You never have to look far for good looking trucks caught on the lot at 4 State Trucks home of the Chrome Shop Mafia in Joplin, Mo.


Remember platooning, blockchain, etc.?

Remember when platooning was supposed to be the big thing in trucking? How about blockchain? Take a trip through trucking nostalgia.

Slight Detour

Slight Detour – February 2024

A truly impressive athletic feat and 40,000-pound disaster waiting to happen highlight this edition of Slight Detour.

trucking history

Trucking History – February 2024

This edition of Trucking History includes a song about trucking, some OOIDA history and Pete Buttigieg' role as transportation secretary.

truckers, Roses and Razzberries

Roses & Razzberries – February 2024

ROSES to truck parking proposals in Arizona and Florida. RAZZBERRIES for the costs of predatory towing, according to a recent study.



Clean diesels burn cleaner with alternative fuels

Diesels still dominate all types of trucking and will for many years, notes the Engine Technology Forum.


Righting a wrong

Passage of the GOT Truckers Act would make America’s truck drivers eligible for overtime – like nearly every other worker in the nation.

Trucking & Taxes

Trucking & Taxes – February 2024

Every year, we get flooded with tax questions. This edition of Trucking & Taxes will explore the questions we received most frequently.