API Lubricants Group approves PC-12 diesel engine oil category

December 16, 2021

Land Line Staff


A request by the Engine Manufacturers Association to the Diesel Engine Oil Advisory Panel has been answered with the establishment of a new category evaluation team that will proceed with the development of the proposed Category 12 diesel engine oil.

The recommendation was officially approved by the Diesel Engine Oil Advisory Panel at the ASTM D2 meetings in Anaheim, Calif.

Improvements and benefits

Increased oxidation performance, new wear test capability, added lower viscosities, improved after-treatment capability, and expansion of elastomer compatibility are expected with this new category.

Potential benefits to diesel engines include:

  • Enables new technologies that are expected to undergo higher brake mean effective pressure (greater average brake pressure) and customer demands.
  • Accommodate anticipated regulatory requirements of extended useful life and warranty periods.
  • Supports requirements for fuel economy for certain engine models.
  • Supports new elastomers used in modern engines.

Engine test obsolescence will be considered with the Category Life Oversight Group assisting with technical evaluation and statistical support for correlations as needed, according to a news release.

The release also said the improved performance of oils supports the enhanced durability of engines and aids in meeting regulations, which can also reduce the cost of ownership. In addition, environmental benefits will coincide with the anticipated 2027 implementation date for Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board regulation.

Request for the first licensing date from the API is no later than Jan. 1, 2027. LL


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