Side job could cost cash – or jail time

October 31, 2019


Land Line Now, Oct. 31, 2019

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Trying to make a little more money from extra space in the trailer could cost you money – or jail time. Also, an FMCSA update yields interesting information on the so-called driver shortage.

cost you money – or jail time

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

Today’s newscast with everything that working truckers need to know. (10 minutes)

II. Driver shortage? What driver shortage?

An FMCSA paperwork update yields interesting information on the “driver shortage” topic. Also, FMCSA faces yet another audit from an internal watchdog. (14 minutes)

III. Is it like an NCAA bracket?

A few states are trying a new kind of election called ranked-choice voting. We’ll explain. Also, if you roll it back, what pays for highways? One state may try to find out.  (14 ½ minutes)

IV. The high cost of a little extra money

You might think it’s a way to make some extra cash on a trip, but it could cost you money – or jail time. Also, marijuana and hemp and CBD can all spell trouble for truck drivers – but you can avoid those problems. (9 ½ minutes)

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