Recovering money lost to downtime

November 18, 2019


Land Line Now, Nov. 18, 2019.


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When a crash causes downtime, truckers can lose money, including loads they are unable to haul. So can you recover that money? One expert says yes.

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I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

Our daily newscast.

II. An upside for downtime

When a trucker is involved in a crash of any kind, it hits the pocketbook right away – including the cost of downtime. We’ll explain how you can recover some of that money.

III. What are the ‘must reads’ in the November issue of Land Line?

You’ll hear the back story on why former staff writer Charlie Morasch was brought back on board to cover some recent CARB news and enjoy that he headlined it with one of President Trump’s favorite phrases. The magazine staff also talks about taking care of relatives at a distance and offer up some cool gift ideas for the holidays. Also, Pennsylvania’s winter weather restriction rules.

IV. Taking off those boots

Truckers tired of having their rigs booted just for parking may find some hope in Colorado. Also, an underride effort that is more confusing than clear in New Jersey.

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