Is tolling to fund roads ‘fairer’?

December 3, 2019


Land Line Now, Dec. 3, 2019.

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A think tank says that tolling to fund roads is a “fairer system” for highways. We’ll analyze whether that’s true or not. Also, the right tires for winter.

toll rates tolling to fund roads

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

From toll roads battling distracted driving to more winter weather problems, it’s today in trucking.

II. The right tires for winter

Winter weather means roads often covered in snow and ice, and you have to have the right equipment to handle it – especially the right tires.

III. State road funding is up

The National Association of State Budget Officers says state transportation spending it up nationwide. We’ll have the facts and figures on that – and on truck safety efforts in South Carolina.

IV. Think tank says tolling to fund roads ‘fairer’ – so is it?

A libertarian think tank in our nation’s capital has issued a report supporting the use of tolling to pay for highways – which it calls a “fairer system of funding.” But is that the case? And what would be the results for truckers?

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