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Hours-of-service changes are out

May 14, 2020


Land Line Now, May 14, 2020.


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The FMCSA has announced its final version of hours-of-service changes. We’ll have the details and examine if they give truckers the flexibility they need.

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I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

The FMCSA announced its final rule for changes to the hours of service today; environmental groups weigh in on pollution standards for trailers; and a truck stop does another good deed for truckers – it’s today’s news in trucking.

II. Hours-of-service changes: the details


The FMCSA has announced its final version of changes to the hours-of-service regulations. We’ll have the details.

III. Massachusetts eyes tough CDL standards

Massachusetts officials are considering tougher requirements to get a CDL in that state, while an effort to change the way New Jersey sets speed limits is underway.

IV. Hours-of-service changes: Do they go far enough?

Now that we have the actual changes to the hours-of-service in hand, we can ask the question: “Did they go far enough? Will they give truckers the flexibility they need?” And what does it say about how the FMCSA is operating now as opposed to in the past?

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