Future shaky for road funding fix

January 9, 2020


Land Line Now, Jan. 9, 2020.

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A tax overhaul to benefit road funding is now law in Utah, but it’s likely to face a challenge at the ballot box. Also, an EPA emissions initiative update.

Utah road funding tax reform package raises sale, fuel taxes

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

Today saw news about autonomous vehicles, layoffs at a legendary truck maker, and truckers being laid off. Find out about all of those and more.

II. A deeper dive on the EPA’s emissions effort

The EPA recently announced a new initiative aimed at reducing emissions from heavy-duty trucks. Also, we’ll update you on drug and alcohol testing.

III. Utah road funding fix may face challenge

A tax overhaul to benefit transportation is now law in Utah, but it’s likely to face a challenge at the ballot box.

IV. English requirement update

Considerable debate has flared up over the years regarding enforcement – or lack thereof – of the requirement for truckers to have a basic command of English. We’ll have an update on that – and cyber security concerns related to the U.S.-Iran situation.

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