Four bills that could drain your wallet

July 18, 2019


LLN (7/18/19) –
Four bills that could drain your wallet are now before Congress, but despite the cost, would likely accomplish little to nothing in terms of their intended goals. Also, FMCSA’s Medical Review Board works on revising the certified medical examiner handbook, including sleep apnea guidelines. Several states still have split speed limits, and a federal bill could widely increase the problem. And we’ll have information about upcoming truck shows.

0:00-9:57 – Newscast

9:57-24:42 – Sleep apnea and the Medical Review Board.

24:42-39:40 – Split speed limits; truck shows.

39:40-49:35 – Bills could start costly mandates (underride guards, speed limiters, insurance minimums and automatic emergency braking).

Segment 1


  • David A. Billinger of Osawatomie, Kan., has been recognized by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association for 16 years of safe, accident-free driving as part of the OOIDA Safe Driving Award Program.
  • Starting Friday, Jon Osburn and OOIDA’s tour truck, the Spirit of the American Trucker, will be at the Petro in Gary, Ind. That’s located at Exit 9 off Interstates 90 and 84. Stop in, say hi to Jon and Sassi, and join OOIDA for a $10 discount.

Segment 2

The Medical Review Board met this week and – among other things – they worked on revising the handbook for certified medical examiners, including guidelines on sleep apnea. Terry Scruton gets the details from OOIDA’s Jay Grimes.

Segment 3

Several states have split speed limits, some on rural interstates, some on urban, and some even on two-lane highways. Mark Reddig will cover efforts to reduce or eliminate them, plus a federal action that could widely increase the problem, with OOIDA’s Mike Matousek.

Segment 4

Four bills now before Congress have the potential to take money directly out of your wallet, while accomplishing little to nothing in terms of why they were introduced. Mark Reddig will get the details from Collin Long of OOIDA’s Washington, D.C., office.