EPA considers new emissions rules

January 7, 2020


Land Line Now, Jan. 7, 2020.

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The EPA is looking at new emissions rules for large trucks. And while that doesn’t sound good, it may not be all bad news. Also, common legal questions.

Emission rules for large trucks

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

From SNAFUs at the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse and a big crash in Pennsylvania to a lawsuit over truck engines, we have the information you need.

II. Your legal questions answered

Can you get a ticket you didn’t deserve off your record? What are your options if an officer gets abusive during a traffic stop? We’ll get answers those questions and more.

III. GPS proposal draws OOIDA criticism

A recent effort by Virginia lawmakers to require a GPS in every truck has drawn some criticism from OOIDA, while Washington state looks at rules for roundabouts.

IV. New emissions rules for large trucks may be on the way

The EPA is taking a look at new emission rules for large trucks. While that doesn’t sound good, it may not be all bad news. We’ll have some details and analysis.

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