CVSA releases updated out-of-service citeria

April 5, 2019


(LLN 4/4/19) – CVSA has released updates to this year’s out of service criteria. We’ll discuss the changes. Meanwhile, the California governor is looking at rerouting fuel tax revenue. And Colorado’s plan for hazmat trucks is up for discussion. Plus, trucking events on today’s calendar. And a rundown of OOIDA’s list of issues the Association will tackle this year on Capitol Hill. OOIDA’s Washington D.C.’s Jay Grimes and Collin Long will have details.

0:00-9:56 – Newscast

9:56-24:42 – CVSA’s new 2019 out of service criteria replaces and supersedes previous versions.

24:42-39:38 – California Governor considers fuel tax reroute and Colorado DOT examines Hazmat truck travel through Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnel. Plus trucks shows on today’s calendar.

39:38-49:20 – Issues OOIDA will be keeping a close on this year in Washington D.C.

Segment 1


  • OOIDA has said it will appeal a decision handed down today in its lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.
  • It’s official – beginning July 1, diesel prices in Ohio will go up by 19 cents. Governor Mike DeWine signed into law on Wednesday a bill approved by a joint committee in the Ohio State Legislature. The bill also includes a gas tax bump of 10.5 cents.

Segment 2

The CVSA’s new out-of-service criteria is now in effect. Terry Scruton discusses changes with Tom Crowley of OOIDA’s Business Services.

  • View OOIDA’s complete guide to Regulatory Issues.
  • You can contact OOIDA’s Business Services Department at 816-229-5791.
  • If you have questions you would like answered you can call our Listener Comment Line at 800-324-6856.

Segment 3

California Governor dreamin’ of a fuel tax revenue reroute, Land Line Magazine’s State Legislative Editor Keith Goble explains plus Keith and Mary McKenna discuss the Colorado DOT’s plan for hazmat trucks through the Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnel.

Plus Mark Reddig and Mary will have the latest in trucking events on today’s calendar.

Segment 4

Collin Long and Jay Grimes share a rundown of issues OOIDA will closely watch in this session of Congress.