November 2019

United against costly mandates

OOIDA leads coalition opposed to four bills that could cost motor carriers tens of billions of dollars.


coalition OOIDA

United against costly mandates

Several bills before Congress could impact trucking in a big way. OOIDA has pulled together a group to fight these costly mandates.


OOIDA: HOS plan lessens ‘beat-the-clock mentality’

More flexibility in the hours of service for drivers would increase safety by de-emphasizing a "beat-the-clock mentality," OOIDA's Lewie Pugh says.

30-minute time out

Time out

The 30-minute rest break provision was the focus of drivers' ire in comments on the FMCSA's proposal to revise the hours-of-service rules.


Making it official

FMCSA’s restart restrictions - which haven’t been effect for years - are set to be officially removed from the regulations.

agricultural commodity

‘Agricultural commodity’ definition should jibe with USDA, OOIDA says

OOIDA says Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration should remove confusion by updating its definition for ‘agricultural commodity.'


Ethics complaint filed against Rep. Cartwright

An ethics organization filed a complaint against Rep. Matt Cartwright for introducing a bill that could benefit his family law firm.


Martinez ends tenure as FMCSA leader

Ray Martinez announced he will step down as FMCSA administrator, effective October 28, to take a position closer to his family.


CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse registration begins

Registration is open for the congressionally mandated Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. There is no cost to register.


The devil is in the details

The Office of Inspector General was critical of FMCSA’s plan for improving its Safety Measurement System and Compliance, Safety and Accountability program.

Detention time

OOIDA: Detention time standards should value a driver’s time

The current standard regarding detention time “completely discounts the value of a driver’s time,” OOIDA told the FMCSA in comments submitted on Sept. 9.

New York

Truck activity focus of New York bills

A bevy of bills pertaining to truck activity are now before the New York State Assembly, with truck traffic in The Big Apple a key focus.

Speeding Ticket

Judge rules Kentucky’s speed limit law unconstitutional

A motorist took a speeding ticket to court, arguing that Kentucky's speed limit laws are unconstitutional. In a surprise move, the judge agreed.

No truck parking sign

OOIDA seeks clarification on ‘booting’

A new Colorado law calls for regulating “booting” companies in the state. OOIDA wants the protections to extend to commerical truckers.

CDL ban

Idaho State Supreme Court rules on lifetime CDL ban

A dispute over what "CDL holder" means made its way to Idaho's Supreme Court. The court's decision means a lifetime ban for one driver with multiple DUIs.

oil vapor

Oil vapor law in Washington state being challenged by 10 more states

Ten states join North Dakota & Montana's attempt to nullify a Washington state vapor law that they say bans Bakken crude oil in the Evergreen State.


Millions still on the table in Florida SunPass toll fiasco

The Florida Turnpike Enterprise executive director told lawmakers that there is still $120 million in unpaid SunPass tolls and expects a low recovery rate.

legislation, state watch, bills

State Watch – November 2019

In the November 2019 edition of State Watch, Land Line's Keith Goble rounds up trucking bills from Alaska, Delaware, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

ABC test

California Senate codifies state court’s Dynamex decision

California’s senate approved a controversial bill, AB5, that would change how workers, including truck drivers, are classified in the state.


Trump to California vehicle emissions regulators: ‘You’re fired!’

The Trump administration challenges California and announces plans to implement its “One National Program Rule” on vehicle emissions.

Truck Parking Zone

The Parking Zone – November 2019

The Parking Zone is a roundup of the latest truck parking-related news items from across the United States, compiled for the November 2019 issue.

Carl Smith

‘I wanted to drive a truck since I was 12’

Carl Smith, an alternate member for OOIDA’s Board of Directors, is the focus of this issue's "Know your OOIDA board" feature.

Truckers For Troops

Truckers for Troops 2019 campaign launches on Veterans Day

The 2019 edition of OOIDA's Truckers for Troops campaign begins on Veterans Day, November 11. Join or renew your membership for a special rate.


At odds

OOIDA’s Todd Spencer squares off against so-called safety groups at a meeting of FMCSA's Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee.


Tell your kids, grandkids to apply for an OOIDA scholarship

Over the past 20-some years, OOIDA has helped ease the burden tuition expense with scholarships for more than 100 of its members’ dependents.


OOIDA: Don’t ding truckers for nonpreventable crashes

OOIDA supports continuing a program that determines if truck crashes were preventable. Drivers shouldn’t be blamed for nonpreventable crashes, OOIDA says.

guilty verdict

President of bogus trucking company pleads guilty to wire fraud

William Francis Hickey III, of Baltimore, has pleaded guilty to wire fraud charges in connection with a bogus trucking company.

November 2019

In This Issue:


Mark Schremmer, Big Trucking, truckers

ELD providers, can the complaints; you should have planned better

If some ELD providers have their way, they could delay truckers from getting the flexibility they need within the hours-of-service rules.

John Bendel, Land Line Contributing-Editor-at-Large

ATA spins its take on ‘driver shortage’

Hey, ATA! Writer John Bendel asks how can a 1,000-truck carrier hire 900 drivers every year, lose most of them, and still claim there’s a driver shortage?

trucking history

Trucking History – November 2019

What do the founder of Peterbilt Motors, the song "Convoy" and Truckers For Troops have in common? They're all a part of Trucking History November 2019.



‘No cause for celebration’

Three truckers won’t spend more time in jail for hauling what they believed were legal loads of hemp across Idaho. But, that's not the end of the story.


In support of those who served

Charles Newton says a shop foreman had a good idea for their new 2019 Western Star 5700 as a way to honor those who served in the military.


A tribute to the American trucker

The O’Donnells were thinking about how to customize their 2018 Peterbilt 579. The husband-and-wife team wanted something special to honor truckers.


How much have things changed for truckers in 25 years?

Recently John Bendel found notes from a ride-along with a truckload driver 25 years ago. It was interesting to see what has changed.


Nominations sought for Goodyear award

Goodyear seeks the public’s help in finding this year’s batch of heroic truckers. Nominations are being accepted through Nov. 29.


Taking care when you’re not there

If you find yourself needing to secure care for a loved one, full disclosure: it’s certainly not going to be easy, but there are resources to help.

Special Olympics

Trucker convoys give boost to Special Olympics

For some four-wheelers, a long line of big rigs is a bad thing. For the Special Olympics, it means hundreds of thousands of dollars for its cause.

Cool Gifts 2019

Cool Gifts – November 2019

Land Line's "Cool Gifts" holiday shopping guide for 2019 showcases a variety of ideas to help you find the right present for the trucker in your life.

Dashboard confidential, Speeding

Dashboard Confidential – November 2019

Columnist Dave Sweetman offers a humble plea to other motorists - please stop "multi-tasking" behind the wheel. We'd all be safer if you would.

Strange Things Filthy Lies condiments

Strange Things and Filthy Lies – November 2019

Condiments are making your head shrink, and other could-be-true tales from Wendy Parker, in the November 2019 edition of "Strange Things & Filthy Lies."

Strange Things Filthy Lies Casper Camel

More Strange Things

A truck stop camel was bitten by a woman who told police she was just trying to rescue her deaf dog. Sounds like another one of Wendy Parker's Strange Things...

roses and razzberries

Roses and Razzberries – November 2019

The November 2019 edition of Land Line's "Roses and Razzberries" sends good vibes to Satchel Smith for his efforts to help folks stranded by flooding.



What will automation mean for trucking jobs?

Will millions of truckers lose their jobs to automation? Researchers at the Bureau of Labor Statistics are a bit more optimistic than media reports suggest.

Hino tractor

Hino XL8 made for heavy deliveries; would it work on the road?

The name Hino doesn’t come to mind when we think of highway trucks, but wtih the company's new XL8, is that about to change?

Volvo Dynamic Steering

Volvo Dynamic Steering eases fatigue for drivers

Volvo Dynamic Steering, an electric-over-hydraulic system that greatly cuts driver effort and claims to enhance safety, rolls out early next year.

truck products hot stuff and cool services

Hot Stuff & Cool Services – November 2019

A lunchbox that cooks, a no-sweat hat liner, and maxmizing visibility are a few of the items in this edition of Land Line's Hot Stuff and Cool Services.



Mafia Secrets: Advice from the Boss Man – November 2019

Bryan "Boss Man" Martin takes you under the hood of another spectactular rig - this one owned by Eric Dias of Last Dollar Trucking.

Maintenance Q A

Maintenance Q&A – November 2019

Traction, vision and reliability are the three areas you should focus on if you find yourself trucking anywhere near a hurricane-affected area.

Tax Tips scams

Tax Tips – November 2019

Tax season is right around the corner. Are you prepared for your year-end financial reports? The November 2019 edition of Tax Tips is here to help.

Road Law

Road Law – November 2019

A paperwork snafu on a simple traffic ticket leads to a whole mess of DMV issues for one unlucky trucker in the November 2019 edition of Road Law.