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November 2019

Tyson Fisher


Stay caffeinated

Coffee is great, but sometimes you need an extra jolt of caffeine. The MiniPresso GR is a compact (6.89 inches), lightweight

(0.8 pounds) and versatile espresso machine that is meant to be mobile. Simply insert any variety of coffee beans, add hot water and squeeze for optimal extraction pressure. Voila! Espresso in the truck without the huge fancy machine.

No more losing screws and bolts

We’ve all been there. While trying to fix something on the truck or even at home, screws and drill bits go missing. With 10 powerful magnets, the RAK Magnetic Wristband holds screws, nails, bolts, washers and drill bits. Eliminate the frustration of looking for that one screw that always seems to roll away into the void of a black hole.

The Ultimate Cooler

After you recover from the initial $600 sticker shock, you’ll realize why this cooler is rather pricey. Using a rechargeable lithium battery, the X3 LithiumCooler eliminates the need for ice while cooling at temperatures as low as minus 4 degrees. The large size allows 30 quarts of food and beverages to be stored. Five hours of charging gives you 10 hours of super cooling action. It’s essentially a fridge in your truck.

Guitar on the go

In addition to being seasoned drivers, so many truckers out there are also seasoned musicians. It would be nice if a guitar could be smaller without losing sound quality. Good news: Orangewood has added its first collection of solid top mini guitars, designed to deliver a bold and bright tone in a more portable size. The Oliver Jr. offers all the tone and smooth playing action of its predecessor at three-quarters of the size and with lighter weight materials. Perfect for the traveling guitarist. Just under $200 with free shipping, this guitar is basically a steal.

Keep your personal deliveries safe

After you purchase an item online, the delivery driver will usually just drop it off at your front door, leaving it ripe for picking by thieves. Get rid of theft anxiety while away from home with the BoxLock. Delivery drivers simply grab BoxLock and press the button on the top to scan the tracking number on your package. Each time a package is scanned, BoxLock instantly connects to Wi-Fi to confirm whether or not the lock should unlock. BoxLock is compatible with a variety of boxes.

Orthopedic dog bed

Truckers with a full-time canine companion should consider their dog pal during the holidays. For those with older dogs, consider FurHaven’s Orthopedic Oval Lounger. The lounger-style bed features foam rail walls to support back and hips plus an egg-crate foam base for the ultimate cozy experience. The plush faux lamb wool sleep surface makes for a super soft sleeping arrangement.

Keep that interior clean

Life on the road involves eating and drinking in your truck, which leaves plenty of room for messes. The Lusso Gear Car Trash Can can be installed on the headrest in the back of the seat, console, side door, front seat, glove box or pretty much anywhere. The can includes a vinyl leak-proof/removable/washable trash liner for odor-free use and mess-free cleaning. Storage pockets also allow for organizing your phone and other items you keep near you.

Look sharp for your customers

Being a trucker isn’t just about driving. Customer service is also part of the job. When it’s time to meet the customer face to face, you want to look presentable. It’s easy for clothes to get wrinkled inside a truck. The Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron is a small but powerful travel steam iron that will quickly turn that wrinkly top into a crisp, professional shirt. A travel bag and plastic measuring cup is included for added convenience and protection.

Eating cereal on the road a reality

Cereal is a quick and easy way to start your day – unless you’re on the road. Not anymore. The CrunchCup is a portable cereal cup that does not require a spoon or a bowl. Pour milk into the cup, screw on cereal cup and lid and add cereal to the inner cup. The cereal and milk won’t mix until they enter your mouth. Genius!

Multitool for the female drivers

Technically, this could be used by anyone with long hair, but we digress. The MTA Hair Clip looks like a simple hair clip. However, in addition to keeping your hair in place, it also includes a bottle opener, scraper, ruler, small screwdriver and nail file. Buy them singly or in sets of three in black or pink.

Boost your cellphone signal

Rural areas are prone to weak, and sometimes nonexistent, cellphone reception. This can cause major problems when awaiting calls from customers and dispatch. Of course, you hope your truck doesn’t break down in an area with weak cellphone service. WeBoost’s Drive 4G-X OTR Signal Booster enhances signal coverage specifically for trucks. With better signals, drivers can experience fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, faster data speeds, increased hotspot capability and improved audio and video streaming.

Make that truck shine

Any trucker who takes pride in their ride will keep that truck looking as beautiful as possible. Zephyr’s Super Shine X Polishing Kit will make that possible. The kit includes Pro 40 Perfection metal polish, a primary cutting tripoli rouge bar, one secondary cutting green rouge bar, a final finish white rouge, three 10-inch cut-color shine airway buffing wheels and one airway buff safety flange.

Keep your truck on the best route

Often there are many ways to get to your final destination. Unfortunately, only a few navigation systems take trucking regulations into account. The Garmin dezlCam785 LMT-S GPS truck navigator does exactly that with a 7-inch screen. Customize your route based on size, load and weight of your truck plus alerts for upcoming bridge heights, steep grades and more. The navigator includes a built-in dash cam, break planning, and many other features you won’t find in a single package.

Cool Gifts for your truck

Turn your truck into a computer lab

The truck has always been a trucker’s home and office. In the 21st century, an office needs a computer to compete in the modern business world. That’s easier said than done in a moving vehicle – until now. The RAM Universal Laptop System Holder installs directly into the cab using existing hardware of the passenger side seat rails. The telescoping pole and dual articulating swing arm allows drivers to position their laptop in a way that’s efficient and makes them feel like they’re driving a spacecraft.

Protect your truck from deer

Hitting a deer can jack up the front end. At the very least, it can cause delays that will cost you money in unnecessary downtime. Avoid hitting deer and other large animals with The Hornet. Using military technology, The Hornet is a precision-tuned sonic generator that produces a high pitched, directional sonic wave. The Hornet is endorsed by major insurance companies and is used by police and emergency vehicles nationwide.

For the bookworm

‘Aretha: The Queen of Soul – A Life in Photographs’

Meredith Ochs does it again with another beautifully illustrated tribute to legendary female recording stars. Her most recent effort, “Aretha: The Queen of Soul – A Life in Photographs,” is a must-have for Aretha Franklin fans and a great gift for anyone who appreciates the mix of music from her six-decade career.

Carefully curated photos tempt you to flip through this book without savoring text that unravels the story of Franklin’s evolution from a small Detroit gospel choir to stadium-sized concerts. It’s OK. Flip through. Ochs has mastered the art of a quick-caption because the captions not only explain the photos, they make you want to read the text. It’s good stuff. Available at Amazon, $16.49

‘Reader’s Digest Back to Basics: How to learn and enjoy traditional American skills’ (second edition)

We’ve had one version or another of Reader’s Digest “Back to Basics” in our home for 20 years. Most recently updated in 1997, the second edition contains modern illustrations and photography to guide the self-sufficient through life’s essentials.

This book covers everything from how to build an old-fashioned barn to how to plant a kitchen herb garden. Well-written instructions and copious illustrations make all of the projects easily understandable. Even someone who lives in a city apartment can appreciate and use this book.

My advice? Order two. You’ll want one for yourself.

Available at Amazon, $47.07 LL

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