Get to know OOIDA Board nominees, Part II

December 19, 2018


LLN (12/18/18) – Between now and Jan. 31, OOIDA members have a chance to choose some of the people who will run the organization that represents them. Today, we’ll get to know OOIDA board nominees Kristopher Peters, Stephen Saunders and Carl Smith. We’ll also have some of our trucking Christmas Carols. And some important notices from the Land Line Now Community Bulletin Board.

0:00 – 9:41 – Newscast

9:41 – 24:25 – OOIDA board nominee Kristopher Peters

24:25 – 39:22 – OOIDA board nominee Stephen Saunders

39:22 – 49:08 – OOIDA board nominee Carl Smith

Segment 1


Segment 2

OOIDA Board nominee Kristopher Peters; Christmas Carol.

Segment 3

OOIDA Board nominee Stephen Saunders; Christmas Carol; Bulletin Board.

Segment 4

OOIDA Board nominee Carl Smith.