July 2023

A game-winning drive?

Truckers hopeful DRIVE Act will stop speed limiter mandate.


speed limiters

A game-winning drive?

Thousands of truck drivers have expressed opposition to a speed limiter mandate. The DRIVE Act would stop FMCSA from making the rule.

Overtime exemption

‘It’s just unconscionable’

The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 includes an overtime exemption for motor carriers. OOIDA and others are trying to change that.


No restroom at the inn

A bipartisan bill aims to ensure that truck drivers have access to a restroom while delivering or picking up freight across the nation.


EPA rules face pushback

A House subcommittee hearing cast doubt on EPA’s stringent emission standards that would require 25% of heavy trucks to be electric by 2032.


NHTSA’s underride committee holds first meeting

NHTSA’s first meeting underride protections committee took place in May. An OOIDA board member is the lone owner-operator on the committee.

legislation, state watch, bills

State Watch – July 2023

This month’s edition of State Watch takes a look at various transportation bills in 11 statehouses around the country.

speed limit

Five states pursue, approve speed limit rule revisions

Measures in statehouses from coast to coast cover speed limit revisions for motorists and truckers on interstates and highways.

Electric vehicle

States add electric, hybrid vehicle fees to generate transportation revenue

The growing popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles has state lawmakers acting to secure needed transportation revenue.


Washington state law ensures restroom access

A new Washington state law is touted to give truck drivers operating throughout the state assurances for access to restroom facilities.


Illinois bill would cause massive increases to cost of insurance, OOIDA says

If Illinois’ governor signs a bill into law, juries in the state could grant unlimited pain and suffering damages in wrongful death lawsuits.

Truck Parking Zone

The Truck Parking Zone – July 2023

St. Paul, Minn., has established a truck parking ban, leaving very few places for truck parking in the Twin Cities area.

truck parking

Dozens of truck parking spaces added in West Memphis, Ark.

An additional 84 truck parking spaces are available at the new site to “help alleviate the truck parking shortage,” Arkansas officials said.

rest areas

Canadian province invests $100 million for rest areas

British Columbia announced a multiyear plan to provide “upgrades and enhancements to key highway rest areas” throughout the Canadian province.

traffic fatalities

Traffic fatalities trending downward, except for trucks

Traffic fatalities are down overall. However, fatal crashes involving large trucks are on the rise.

Automatic emergency braking

Complaints prompt NHTSA investigation of automatic brakes on Daimler trucks

At a time NHTSA is considering rules regarding automatic emergency braking, an investigation is looking into possible defects.

seized, forfeiture

Protect your money from states seizing it

The threat of having money seized and kept by a state through civil asset forfeiture became more real to many of us when we learned of the case of Jerry Johnson.

Safety Measurement System

CSA Safety Measurement System proposal falls short of its goal, OOIDA says

OOIDA says proposed changes to the CSA Safety Measurement System don’t go far enough to fix problems within the program.


Improving safety?

OOIDA President Todd Spencer says that FMCSA regulations should receive more scrutiny. If they’re not improving safety, they need to go.


Love’s warns truckers of scam

Love’s Travels Stops wants truck drivers to be aware of a potential EFS code scam occurring at some of its locations.


Trucker ‘didn’t do anything wrong’

Despite a trooper testifying that the truck driver “didn’t do anything wrong,” a Texas court of appeals affirmed a more than $100 million verdict against Werner.


U.S. Supreme Court rules against union drivers

Teamster drivers who went on strike while their trucks were full of wet concrete are not protected under the National Labor Relations Act.

distracted driving

Report: Distracted driving getting worse

A new study says that distracted driving is killing people and costing society billions of dollars. Distracted driving is up 20% in recent years.

July 2023

In This Issue:


Mark Schremmer; Uniform speed limits

It isn’t anti-safety to want uniform speed limits

Thousands of truck drivers believe uniform speed limits are best for highway safety. OOIDA agrees and opposes a speed limiter mandate.


Straight out of Congress

A House subcommittee held a hearing about the supply chain in May. Learn what lawmakers think about various trucking issues.



Mr. Pugh goes to Washington

OOIDA’s Lewie Pugh spoke on behalf of truck drivers at a House committee hearing in May. Land Line takes you behind the scenes.


OOIDA’s still fighting for the little guy

How big of an impact has OOIDA had on trucking? In this short story, one driver finds out the answer to that question.

Monfort trucks

When ‘circus wagons’ ruled the Monfort lane

Monfort of Colorado was an industry-changing feedlot and meat packing company in Colorado. Their trucks and drivers have become a thing of legend.

Mother's Day convoy

A Mother’s Day tradition

The Make-A-Wish Philadelphia, Delaware and Susquehanna Valley Chapter’s Mother’s Day Convoy took place May 14 in Manheim, Pa.

mental health

Keeping the lines clear

Trucking can be mentally and physically exhausting for those behind the wheel. Find out what one expert says is the biggest issue facing truckers when it comes to mental health.


Mafia Secrets – July 2023

You never have to look far for good looking trucks caught on the lot at 4 State Trucks home of the Chrome Shop Mafia in Joplin, Mo.

trucker; dashboard confidential; inspection

Dashboard Confidential – July 2023

Being a truck driver can feel like a thankless profession at times, but recently Dave Sweetman received a big thank you after 50 years.

trucking history

Trucking History – July 2023

In this edition of Trucking History, revisit a horror film about trucks, FMCSA's new hours-of-service rules, and more.

slight detour

Slight Detour – July 2023

Welcome to Slight Detour, a cornucopia of trucker craziness. This edition takes you through another month’s worth of wild tales.

road trip

Road trip – the 2023 version

Back in 1961, Land Line’s John Bendel hitchhiked across the U.S. Earlier this year, he made the 2023 version of the road trip.

truckers, Roses and Razzberries, Roses & Razzberries

Roses & Razzberries – July 2023

ROSES for expanded truck parking and a truck leasing task force. RAZZBERRIES to ATA’s comments that claim OOIDA is “anti-safety.”


electric trucks

Charging ahead?

The move toward electric trucks can be seen through several recent business announcements, including Volvo and Cummins.


A freight forecast

As far as the freight market is concerned, ACT Research reports that, while it clearly remains weak, there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

Truck to Success

Get the necessary tools

OOIDA’s Truck to Success three-day seminar can provide you the tools you need to have a successful business as an owner-operator.

Maintenance Q&A

Maintenance Q&A – July 2023

This edition of Maintenance Q&A discussed the importance of proper tire care. The good news is that tire maintenance isn’t that complicated.

Trucking & Taxes

Trucking & Taxes – July 2023

You want to expand your business? Trucking & Taxes dives in to what steps you need to take to operate a small fleet.

Road law

Road Law – July 2023

This edition of Road Law explains what masking is and how truck drivers can use it to their benefit.