May 2022

'Still waiting'

Truckers seek concrete solutions to resolve unfair compensation and insufficient parking.


Trucking Action Plan

‘Still waiting’

Although the Trucking Action Plan addresses driver pay and truck parking, it doesn’t guarantee the problems will be fixed in immediate future.


Overtime for truckers?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was passed 84 years ago. For all that time, truckers have been exempt from the overtime requirement.

FMCSA's Robin Hutcheson with Todd Spencer

FMCSA’s Hutcheson meets truckers, relays ‘urgency’ of truck parking issue

Attending MATS in March, FMCSA acting Administrator Robin Hutcheson said it was an opportunity to hear directly from truck drivers.

Lewie Pugh OOIDA; cleaner trucks initiative

OOIDA to EPA: Hit the brakes on proposed emission standards

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association is warning the EPA about how the Cleaner Trucks Initiative will affect small business trucking companies.

Department of Labor building; worker classification

Worker classification rule reinstated

A rule that made it easier for workers to be classified as independent contractors was reinstated by a U.S. district court.


Citing driver shortage, Werner granted CDL exemption

Werner filed the exemption request in August, citing a “historic driver shortage” as part of the reasoning.

FMCSA National Consumer Complaint Database screenshot

What’s in a name?

OOIDA says the FMCSA needs to rename the National Consumer Complaint Database, which is an outlet for truckers to report coercion.

supply chain

How to improve the supply chain

Eliminating the motor carrier overtime exemption and expanding truck parking are among the DOT’s supply chain recommendations.

vehicle crash scene

By the numbers

NHTSA’s final fatal vehicle crash numbers for 2020 confirmed that overall crashes were up while truck crashes were down.

automated vehicle; NHTSA

Unchartered territory

NHTSA’s rule marks a first for federal regulatory action adjusting old standards with new standards that relate to automated vehicles.

oversize load truck; coalition against bigger trucks

Bigger trucks would aggravate retention problem, coalition says

The Coalition Against Bigger Trucks, which includes OOIDA, says larger trucks would worsen the driver retention problem.

fuel economy; fuel tax

States move on fuel tax holidays; others also pursue changes

Governors in three states have taken action to provide a fuel tax holiday for at least certain drivers. Action pursued elsewhere.

left lane for passing only sign

Left-lane truck bill gets veto in New Mexico; Virginia bill heads to governor’s desk

New Mexico bill to limit left lane use for trucks is vetoed, and a Virginia truck lane bill awaits action by the governor.

rest area

OOIDA, WTA welcome action taken on Washington state rest areas, restrooms

OOIDA, WTA welcome action taken in Washington state to address rest areas and restroom access at ports.

L.A. port; driver shortage

Shortage of drivers is not the problem, Port of L.A. chief says

Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka says the problem with the supply chain isn’t because of a truck driver shortage.

Under Construction; I-27

I-27 in West Texas gets green light; two other interstates planned

The appropriations bill signed by President Joe Biden in March extended I-27 in Texas, which also has two other new interstates being built.

White House; emission standards

States challenge Biden’s emission standards

Texas and 14 other Republican-led states are trying to put a stop to President Joe Biden’s stricter greenhouse gas emission standards.

legislation, state watch, bills

State Watch – May 2022

From coast to coast, Alabama to Utah, ticketing abuse to access to bathrooms. Here's your State Watch for May 2022.

Trucks at fuel bay; diesel prices; fuel surcharge

A volatile market

Record-breaking fuel prices have caused many truckers and trucking companies to adjust the way they conduct day-to-day operations.

FMCSA record of violations

Redundant regulation of violations records gets the ax at FMCSA

FMCSA will no longer require drivers to submit a “duplicative” list of traffic convictions to their employers.

Hours of Service lawsuit

Hours-of-service changes – safe or not?

Changes to FMCSA’s hours of service that have been in effect for going on two years are being examined by the U.S. Court of Appeals.

FMCSA automated trucks

Regulate and eliminate?

FMCSA is considering more rulemakings for the truckers of today while paving the way for the driverless trucks of tomorrow.

HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver trucking episode screenshot

HBO show echoes OOIDA stance on driver shortage, ELDs

Staff from HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” spoke with OOIDA several times before taking aim at trucking’s unfair practices in an April 3 episode.

Todd Spencer at supply chain forum

Truck drivers donate ‘a shocking amount of time’

OOIDA President Todd Spencer, a former truck driver, explained the inequities in the supply chain during a virtual forum.

Biennial updates

Biennial update filing services may not be worth the cost

Are companies offering help to truck drivers with their biennial updates worth the expense?

Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey

Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey underway

The Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey is back after 20 years. The data from it could provide greater insight into the truck parking crisis.

Cummins expands, diversifies

Cummins diversifies its offerings with the acquisition of Jacobs Vehicle Systems and Meritor Inc.

FHWA aims to repave the roads under our traffic jams

Unfortunately, the infrastructure bill won't fix everything. See ATA's list of worst bottlenecks in the nation.

May 2022

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John Bendel, Yellow

The ATA says driver churn is good for truck drivers

In case you haven’t read it, you’ll be pleased to learn that driver turnover is a good thing. Well, that’s according to the ATA.

Mark Schremmer, driver shortage, hair testing, clearinghouse, distracted driving, speed limiters, Trucking Workforce Improvement Act, driver retention, hours of service, truck drivers, ELDs

Media reports fall short on Clearinghouse drug violation stats

Although some publications reported a surge in Clearinghouse drug test violations, the numbers can be misleading.

Knights of the Road

Remembering the knights of the road

Remember the good old days, when trucking was well regarded and truck drivers were considered knights of the road?


MATS 2022

‘Long overdue’

More than 58,000 people attended the Mid-America Trucking Show’s 50th anniversary event this past March.

MATS Wall of Fame

50 years and counting

The Mid-America Trucking Show celebrated 50 years in 2022. As part of the festivities, MATS announced a newly created Wall of Fame.

OOIDA President Todd Spencer at MATS 2022

OOIDA outlines priorities

OOIDA members had a chance to hear some areas where the Association has succeeded and what its leaders plan to address at MATS 2022.

Truck to Success class at MATS 2022

OOIDA gives inside look at the business of trucking

The OOIDA Foundation provided a condensed version of the Truck to Success training program at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky.

veterans in trucking

Driven to serve

According to an industry insider, veterans could be the key to solving some of the hiring and retention issues facing the trucking industry.

Women in Trucking Driver of the Year 2022

Women in Trucking

Women in Trucking named its 2022 Driver of the Year during the Salute to Women Behind the Wheel event at MATS 2022.

Goodyear Highway Hero Gerald “Andy” Wright

‘It’s what we do’

Truck driver Gerald “Andy” Wright, 49, of Jacksonville, Ill., saw a smoking SUV alongside a road and knew exactly what to do.

Highway Angel Christopher Lloyd

Highway Angels to the rescue

Christopher Lloyd, a driver for Eagan, Minn.-based Airline Transportation Specialists Inc., was named TCA Highway Angel of the Year.

Mafia Secrets May 2022

Mafia Secrets – May 2022

Tralo’s KW T660 boasts an aerodynamic style, and you won’t find a smoother or less cluttered version.

thankful, OOIDA, tour trailer

OOIDA on the road – May 2022

There has been no lack of issues to discuss at the OOIDA tour trailer as driver Marty Ellis has visited truck stops across the nation.

Convoy album cover

‘Convoy’ singer dies at age 93

Bill Fries – perhaps better known to most of us C.W. McCall – died on April 1. He was 93 years old.

trucker; dashboard confidential; inspection

Dashboard Confidential – May 2022

This edition of Dashboard Confidential shares the story of a colorful character named Winky and proves that you can’t make this stuff up.

trucking history

Trucking History – May 2022

This month in trucking history includes OOIDA Executive Vice President Lewie Pugh testifying in front of a Senate subcommittee last year.

Slight Detour – May 2022

Spiders and bees and moths. Oh my! Journey into a roadway reality that sounds more like an apocalyptic tale of insect overlords.

OOIDA life member receives ‘Rock Star’ status recently revealed the recipients of this year’s Rock Stars of the Supply Chain. One recipient is an OOIDA life member.

FMCSA seeks entries for Road Safety Art Contest

Students in kindergarten through 12th grade are invited to use their creativity and talent to promote safe traveling around large trucks and buses.


Lessons from Super Truck now coming into play

Super Trucks, which began in 2009, is a government program designed to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Alcoa Wheels markets wheel covers for steer and drive axles

Alcoa Wheels says its new wheel covers improve fuel efficiency by pushing air away from the tire/wheel assemblies and the entire vehicle.

Allowing drivers to focus on driving

Decreasing the amount of office work for truck drivers is the idea behind the latest dispatch service launched by Phoenix-based Trucker Path.

Rand McNally builds tablet with drivers in mind

A new in-cab navigation tablet has been released by Rand McNally. The tablet is said to be designed with truck drivers in mind.

Cummins expands, diversifies

Cummins diversifies its offerings with the acquisition of Jacobs Vehicle Systems and Meritor Inc.

FHWA aims to repave the roads under our traffic jams

Unfortunately, the infrastructure bill won't fix everything. See ATA's list of worst bottlenecks in the nation.

trucking truck parking carrier 411

New truck sales flat, masking the true story

Preliminary data for North American Class 8 truck showed 21,000 units sold in February. However, there's more to the story than just the numbers.


Tom Berg

Wrench Tech – May 2022

With the warming temperatures comes potential A/C issues. Here's how you can keep your cooling unit in working order.

Road law

Road Law – May 2022

Road Law takes a look at some of the more serious criminal issues and explain what your should do in each scenario.

Barry Fowler

Trucking & Taxes – May 2022

FAQs are covered in the latest edition of Trucking & Taxes with Barry G. Fowler, founder of Taxation Solutions in Houston, Texas.

Rigs Without Cigs provides resource to truckers

Rigs Without Cigs provides resources to truckers to help them quit smoking through three different methods. Participants must have an active Class A CDL and be a United States resident.