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January 10, 2022

SJ Munoz


Live From Exit 24” will start the new year by dishing out some prizes.

Host Mike Matousek and OOIDA Executive Vice President Lewie Pugh will be along to take your questions and comments on Jan. 12. Those who call in with a question or comment will be asked a trucking-related trivia question, and if they answer correctly they will be mailed a prize.

The show will be an “open mic,” so whatever’s on your mind, call in and chat with Mike and Lewie.

Share your thoughts by calling 317-67-OOIDA (317-676-6432) at 7 p.m. Central time on Jan. 12, to be a part of the next “Live From Exit 24.”

Every other Wednesday, OOIDA’s live, hourlong internet talk show brings insightful discussions on the regulatory and legislative issues that matter to truckers.

Listeners can tune in to the show on the “Live From Exit 24” website, OOIDA Facebook page, OOIDA’s YouTube channel, iHeartRadio and Apple Podcasts.

Past episodes are archived on the show’s website.

On the Dec. 29, “Live From Exit 24,” Matousek, Pugh and Collin Long, OOIDA’s Director of Government Affairs, took a look back at 2021.

The past year was the first year of the Biden administration, which has been a mixed bag for trucking.

On the positive side, a massive, $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed the House that doesn’t tap truckers for revenue via vehicle miles traveled or truck-only taxes, nor does the bill increase minimum insurance liability requirements.

On the downside, the Association’s extensive lobbying for truck parking fell on mostly deaf ears in the Democratic caucus.

“That was really disappointing and really frustrating,” Long said. “We thought we were on the verge of a breakthrough.”

Truck parking and compensation for detention time will be two key focuses of OOIDA’s lobbying efforts in 2022, Long said. Pugh said the lack of safe parking remains the biggest crisis in the industry.

In February, the entry-level driver training rule will finally go into effect. The rule, which was passed in 2015 has already been delayed once, an example of how training isn’t a priority for D.C. lawmakers, Long said.

“It should have been a stronger rule, it should have been implemented in the original timeframe, and by February, when it’s going to be fully operational, it should be working,” he said.

Truckers weigh in

One commenter on Facebook lamented the fact that the regulatory agencies, like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Federal Highway Administration, don’t get more feedback from truckers – a point Pugh agreed with.

“This is your livelihood. This is your career,” he said. “This is the way we’re going to get things done, by real people telling them.”

In order to help make it easier for drivers to contribute that feedback, OOIDA revamped its Fighting For Truckers website in 2021.

‘Live From Exit 24’ survey

“Live From Exit 24” launched as a way to expand OOIDA’s communication with members and to hear directly from drivers across the industry.

OOIDA wants truck drivers to fill out a survey to let the Association know how they are liking the show so far. The survey can be found here. LL