FHWA seeks comments for updated Jason’s Law truck parking survey

April 30, 2018

Tyson Fisher


After more than two and a half years since the Federal Highway Administration released the results of the Jason’s Law survey, the agency is on to the next step: another survey. FHWA seeks comments for an updated Jason’s Law survey.

FHWA is accepting comments related to truck parking for the updated survey until May 23. According to the Federal Register docket, FHWA intends to survey trucking companies and truck drivers regarding the location and frequency of insufficient truck parking and capacity at rest facilities, future truck parking needs and locations, availability of information on truck parking capacity, and other impediments to identification, access and use of truck parking.

“FHWA also finds that input obtained from trucking company representatives (owners or their designees, especially those in logistics or who schedule drivers) and truck drivers, key stakeholders for truck parking facilities who are most likely to know where truck parking is needed, will be necessary to complete the survey requirements,” the notice for comments states.

This comment period is not the survey itself. Rather, FHWA is seeking more information to better improve the upcoming survey.

As mandated by the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), FHWA is required to update the truck parking survey. FHWA’s latest notice and request for comments deals with the information collection process for the upcoming survey update.

Andrew King, a research analyst at the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association Foundation, said that although such information is needed, at some point parking spaces need to actually be added.

“Since states must submit a State Freight Plan in order to receive funding in accordance with the FAST Act, there should be a lot more up-to-date information available on truck parking,” King said. “While learning where exactly truck parking is needed, it is important to actually address the lack of truck parking capacity.”

Once the survey is conducted, compiled and completed, results will be made publicly available at the U.S. DOT’s website. Like the initial survey conducted in 2014, this update will be updated.

Comments must be submitted by May 23, and can be submitted using the following methods using Docket No. FHWA-2018-0027:

Via the website Regulations.gov. Follow the online instructions for submitting comments.
Fax comments to 202-493-2251.
Mail to Docket Management Facility, U.S. Department of Transportation; West Building Ground Floor, Room W12-140; 1200 New Jersey Ave. SE; Washington, D.C. 20590-0001.
Hand delivery or courier comments between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, except federal holidays to U.S. Department of Transportation; West Building Ground Floor, Room W12-140; 1200 New Jersey Ave. SE; Washington, D.C. 20590.

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