TSA to extend hazmat endorsement renewal exemption

July 24, 2020

Land Line Staff


An exemption from the renewal of hazardous material endorsements will be extended for 90 days, the Transportation Security Administration is expected to announce.

In April, TSA granted an exemption that was set to expire July 31. The extension, which is expected to publish in the Federal Register in the coming days, will go until Oct. 29.

Doug Morris, OOIDA’s director of security operations and a member of TSA’s Transportation Advisory Committee, said the extension will be announced soon.

The temporary exemption is in regards to the expiration of TSA security threat assessments for hazmat endorsement holders. For the duration of the exemption, a state may grant an extension of for a hazmat endorsement that expired or would otherwise expire between March 1 and Oct. 29.

The extension was prompted by the COVID-19 national emergency.

“TSA determined it is in the public interest to grant an exemption from certain process requirements related to security threat assessment hazmat endorsements, given the need for commercial drivers with a hazmat endorsement to continue to work without interruption during the current national emergency created by the COVID-19 virus,” TSA wrote.

The TSA said drivers should refer to their state driver’s license agency for more information regarding CDL validity. A state may grant a hazmat endorsement extension to an individual who had a valid endorsement as of March 1. The state must notify individuals holding a hazmat endorsement that expired on or after March 1 that the state is extending the expiration date. TSA said the notification could be through a state website or in another manner determined by the state.

“The risk to transportation security associated with this exemption is low,” TSA wrote. “TSA maintains the ability to recurrently vet hazmat endorsement holders and take action to revoke a hazmat endorsement if derogatory information becomes available, regardless of the expiration date.”