Truckers help police during mental health crisis on I-680

August 16, 2022

Ryan Witkowski


A group of truckers in Omaha, Neb., rose to the occasion to help officers find a peaceful resolution during a mental health crisis.

According to Omaha Police, around 10 a.m. on Aug. 15, officers responded to a “check the well being” call on I-680. Upon arriving, officers saw a woman holding onto the outside of a fence on a bridge over the interstate highway. According to police reports, the woman “appeared to be thinking of jumping.”

That’s when some quick thinking may have saved the day. According to police, officers and members of the Nebraska State Patrol worked with the drivers of several tractor-trailers to lend a hand. The drivers parked their trucks under the bridge, giving officers better access to the woman while blocking traffic. Members of the Omaha Fire Department used a ladder placed on top of one of the trucks to help the woman off the bridge.

According to authorities, the woman was not injured in the incident. However, she was taken to the hospital and placed under protective custody. The incident led to police to shut down traffic on both north- and southbound I-680 for about an hour.

Cody Thomas, public relations director with NSP, commended the teamwork displayed by everyone involved in the rescue.

“There was great cooperation, not only by the truck drivers, but also by all of the motorists in stopped traffic to make way for the trucks to get through,” Thomas told Land Line. “We’re thankful for the incredible teamwork of the first responders, truck drivers, and the public in this situation and even more thankful for a safe outcome.”

Kent Grisham, president of the Nebraska Trucking Association, wasn’t surprised by the actions of the drivers. He says helping those in need just comes with the job of being a trucker.

“Par for the course. It’s really not surprising when I see photos or videos on social media of truck drivers doing the right thing,” Grisham told KETV News. “It’s really part of the culture and people don’t realize that there’s this long history of truckers doing great things out on the nation’s highway.”

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, help can be found here or by dialing 988. LL


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