Truckers Final Mile faces increased need during the holidays

December 17, 2019

Land Line Staff


The number of deaths surges during the Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year’s Day holiday season no matter what profession or circumstance. Many news sources have reported on the phenomena, including the Washington Post.

It is particularly poignant that is might happen to a commercial vehicle driver while he or she is out on the road.

As might be expected, Truckers Final Mile gets more calls during the holidays. The charity, founded in 2014, works to reunite truck drivers and their families in the event of death, debilitating injury or serious illness.

Truckers Final Mile assists in the immediate travel, lodging, and ground transportation needs of truck drivers and their immediate families, whether to the truck driver’s location or for the driver to travel home in such a case. Additionally, in the event of loss of a driver’s life, Truckers Final Mile will pay to transport his or her remains home.

More than 230 truckers and their families have been helped by Truckers Final Mile. Here is a list of some of the recent truck drivers and families receiving assistance.

Robert Palm, founder of Truckers Final Mile, also has founded a related charity, the Sleigh Bells and Santa program, in 2015.

Sleigh Bells for Santa provides toys and gifts to children of truck drivers who have passed away. This year the Sleigh Bells for Santa program was expanded to offer a little financial help for a college education by giving each child a $500 529 College Education Fund.

Listen to Sleigh Bells and Santa founder Robert Palm on Land Line Now

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Truckers are kind and giving year-round, but they always bring it big around the holidays. Read more about various fundraising efforts in our article “Season of Giving” from the December-January issue of Land Line Magazine.

Land Line Now’s Terry Scruton contributed to this report.