Trucker on I-30 in Rowlett, Texas, shot at in apparent case of road rage

December 14, 2017

Tyson Fisher


An act of road rage in Rowlett, Texas, has left one trucker hospitalized after a motorist shot at the truck’s cab, shattering the truck’s driver-side window. Law enforcement is requesting any witnesses or information that could help identify and capture the shooter.

According to a Rowlett Police Department news release, officers were flagged down on Interstate 30 westbound at approximately 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 13. At the scene, a 57-year-old San Antonio truck driver informed law enforcement that he was driving down the highway when he changed lanes because of a crash up ahead.

At this moment the trucker heard a pop and felt pain that was described in the report as being “punched in the side of the neck.” The trucker then noticed blood running down his neck.

Rowlett Police Department

A trucker was shot while driving west on I-30 near Rowlett, Texas, by someone in another vehicle. The truck driver’s wounds were not life-threatening.

The trucker drove to the crash up ahead where officers were working and reported the incident. Very little information about the shooter is known since the trucker was unable to identify the suspect or vehicle as it happened.

Lt. David Nabors, Rowlett Police Department public information officer, told Land Line that the truck and the vehicle from which the shooter opened fire were in motion during the incident. Lt. Nabors said that the trucker did not cut anyone off as far as they know from victim’s statements. However, no witnesses had come forward as of Thursday morning.

The trucker driver was transported to a hospital with a not-life-threatening wounds. According to police, the wound appears to be an injury from the shattered glass.

Anyone with information should contact the Rowlett Police Department Criminal Investigation Department at 972-412-6220.


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