Truck drivers receive outpouring of support on social media

March 20, 2020

Mark Schremmer


It’s sad that it took a national emergency for it to happen, but the COVID-19 novel coronavirus outbreak has prompted many people on social media to show their appreciation for what truck drivers do for the nation.

Twitter and Facebook are filled with posts from media outlets, politicians, and the general public thanking truck drivers for the role they play in keeping the grocery stores filled and hospitals stocked with necessary medical supplies.’

“All truck drivers are heroes, and not just during this crisis,” wrote Wendy Batz on Twitter. “Without you we wouldn’t have the things we need every single day. Thank you for all you do! #RollOn #IfYouGotItATruckBroughtIt #TruckingKeepsAmerica Moving.”

“Hey sportsfans. Give it up for America’s truck drivers. I’ve counted two as friends for years,” wrote @Nivek111 on Twitter. “In a former career I ran a truck stop. These women and men who bring us … EVERYTHING … are as important to this nation as the healthcare workers and first responders.”

Many have realized that along with those in the medical profession, truck drivers play an integral role during this crisis.

“I’m a nurse and I 10000% see our value but you know who gets no credit?? The truck drivers and delivery men and women getting healthcare workers our supplies and keep stores stocked,” Caroline Alexis Smith wrote on Twitter. “We really need to not forget them and their part in all of this madness right now.”

“All of my prayers and my heart goes out to all medical staff, doctors/nurses, emergency personnel, police officers, retail workers, truck drivers, farmers,” @MommaBearJazz wrote. “We all thank you because right now in this crisis when the whole world is on pause you all carry on & do the jobs.”

Let’s just hope that once this national emergency is over, the public doesn’t forget about all of the sacrifices truck drivers make to keep this nation going every day.


Mark Schremmer, senior editor, joined Land Line in 2015. An award-winning journalist and former assistant news editor at The Topeka Capital-Journal, he brings fresh ideas, solid reporting skills, and more than two decades of journalism experience to our staff.