Toll lanes coming to U.S. 69 in Kansas

February 28, 2023

Tyson Fisher


Kansas officials broke ground on the 69Express project, the state’s first express toll lane project.

According to the Kansas Department of Transportation, traffic on U.S. 69 is expected to increase 450% by 2050. KDOT’s 69Express project will reduce congestion by widening the highway from south of 151st Street to north of 103rd Street in Overland Park, Kan.

The 69Express project will add two new lanes to U.S. 69 – one northbound and one southbound.

The new lanes will be tolled using dynamic pricing, which manages congestion by maintaining a free flow of traffic in the express lanes and reducing traffic in the two nontolled lanes.

Interchanges that connect U.S. 69 to the local street network will be modified. The project also includes the completion of a new interchange at 167th Street.

69Express is funded in part through the federal bipartisan infrastructure law.

Construction of the new project is scheduled for this spring. Express lanes are scheduled to open by the end of 2025.

“We’re proud to support the Kansas Department of Transportation and its partners in investing to make one of the state’s busiest travel corridors safer for all users – whether they are moving freight or trying to get to work on time,” Federal Highway Administration Administrator Shailen Bhatt said in a statement. “This project will improve safe travel and accommodate the growth needs of strong local economies throughout the entire Kansas City region.”

According to KDOT, U.S. 69 is the busiest four-lane highway in Kansas. It is also the highest local improvement priority, with 91% of residents believing the highway needs improvement. By 2040, travel time delay is expected to increase threefold, with a trip through the entire corridor taking 30 minutes or more.

Crash rates in the 69Express corridor are 53% above the statewide average. Additionally, the existing pavement and bridges are about 50 years old, making them past due for replacement. LL

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