The truck parking crisis on the next ‘Live From Exit 24’

February 19, 2021

Land Line Staff


Congressional inaction, proposed solutions and opposition to bills related to the current truck parking issue in America will be part of the discussion on the Feb. 24 episode of “Live From Exit 24.”

Host Mike Matousek, manager of government affairs at OOIDA, is particularly interested in hearing from truck drivers about their struggle to find adequate parking. Drivers are encouraged to call in with questions or comments to the hourlong, audio-only show.

To be a part of the upcoming episode, call 317-67-OOIDA (317-676-6432) at 11 a.m. Central time on Feb. 24.

OOIDA’s internet talk show is scheduled for 11 a.m. Central every other Wednesday.

Listeners can tune in to the show on the “Live From Exit 24” website, OOIDA Facebook page or on OOIDA’s YouTube channel.

Past episodes of “Live From Exit 24” are archived on the show’s website.

During the Feb. 10 episode of “Live From Exit 24,” Barry Fowler, founder of Taxation Solutions Inc., stopped by to cover a variety of tax-related topics facing truckers.

“We want you armed with the right information.” Fowler said. “If you or your tax preparer doesn’t fully understand trucking, you are not going to find every deduction available to you.”

In addition to deductions, incorporation was also specifically addressed.

“It’s not a simple yes or no,” Fowler said. “With everything you choose to do there is an additional expense. You have to make sure it’s going to save you more than you are going to spend.”

Lewie Pugh, OOIDA’s executive vice president, also joined the show to talk about his testimony before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

‘Live From Exit 24’ survey

“Live From Exit 24” launched last year as a way to expand OOIDA’s communication with members and to hear directly from drivers across the industry.

OOIDA is asking for truck drivers to fill out a survey to let the Association know how you are liking the show so far. The survey can be found here. LL