Terry Scruton

Land Line Now News Anchor

Terry Scruton brought nine years of journalism experience when he joined Land Line Magazine in 2005, and that experience continues to serve him on the radio show. Terry’s must-read “Roses & Razzberries” is also a popular feature with Land Line Now listeners.

Got a headline for the newscast? Drop Terry a line.

roses and razzberries

Roses and Razzberries – November 2019

The November 2019 edition of Land Line’s “Roses and Razzberries” sends good vibes to Satchel Smith for his efforts to help folks stranded by flooding.

Fact or Fake blocks, U.S. DOT confirms and denies driver shortage rumors

There is no driver shortage – the proof is in the paperwork

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation try to have it both ways with the driver shortage myth.

roses and razzberries

Roses and Razzberries – October 2019

Land Line serves up scoops of roses and razzberries to deserving individuals, business and even government agencies for the good and bad.