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Suzanne Stempinski

Contributing Field Editor

Suzanne Stempinksi, contributing field editor for Land Line, delivers distinctive driver insight to readers. She studied journalism at Northwestern University, married a trucker, and for the next several years added a few million miles of safe driving to her resume. She has contributed to Land Line Magazine since 2000, covering show truck news and her specialty – test drives. We won’t claim it as 100% the truth, but as a former team driver for years, she campaigned tirelessly for space for a portable toilet in the sleeper when reviewing trucks. And, now Peterbilt has a truck with space for one. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

Freightliner upgrades driver-assist tech on 2019 Cascadia

Daimler’s investments in technology and trucking create excitement and innovation spanning the globe. That trend has continued in 2019 with the introduction of Detroit Assurance 5.0

Nearly silent eCascadia to begin production in 2021

It’s unnerving how little noise it makes. No vibration. You can stand next to it and hear nothing. Not even a hum.

International Trucks CV series Class 4-5 truck

International launches new Class 4-5 truck