Take advantage of OOIDA research on issues

February 13, 2020

Land Line Staff


OOIDA has collected research on trucking industry issues to help you keep abreast of issues facing the trucking industry. The resources are available at OOIDA.com.

Under the Legislative menu tab, you can find a listing of state legislation here. The information is organized by state and goes back to 2010.

OOIDA’s list of priority issues for states include:

  • Public/private partnerships.
  • Uniform speed limits.
  • Idling restrictions.
  • Truck enforcement (parking, route restrictions).
  • Automated enforcement (speed cameras, red light cameras, ticket quotas, ticketing for profit).
  • Left lane use (truck lane restrictions, etc.).
  • Snow and ice removal.
  • 400-pound APU weight exemptions.
  • Transportation funding (tolls, fuel taxes, P3’s, registration fees, vehicle miles traveled taxes).
  • Nonconsensual towing.
  • Anti-indemnification.
  • Cargo theft.
  • Truck weights.
  • Local enforcement.

From time to time OOIDA issues news releases to print, digital and broadcast media. You have access to those news releases here.

To protect the rights of all truckers, when necessary OOIDA initiates litigation through both the state and federal court system to combat injustices and abusive treatment of truckers.

The focus of OOIDA’s lawsuits has generally been directed at unscrupulous business practices by carriers for their own financial gain or to correct state or federal legislation that puts truckers at a disadvantage.

OOIDA has pursued legal action against about 30 states resulting in refunds of several hundred million dollars to truckers in addition to stopping the proliferation of unconstitutional practice of discriminatory and burdensome taxes and permit requirements.

Under the Court Actions menu tab, you can find a list of current court cases.

There also is a list of archived cases for review.

Further information can be found in the Special Reports archived here.

For a look at some of OOIDA’s achievements over the past five decades, check out the OOIDA Timeline organized by decade.

Members may also access OOIDA by-laws (password protected), find a listing of the members of OOIDA’s executives and Board of Directors, and find the schedule for OOIDA’s touring tractor-trailer, The Spirit of the American Trucker, skippered by Jon Osburn.

OOIDA Foundation

Another resource available to OOIDA members is the information available from the OOIDA Foundation.

The OOIDA Foundation was created to fund and sponsor research concerning economic and safety issues affecting the motor carrier industry.

There is a lot to find at the website, but don’t overlook the OOIDA Foundation White Papers. These papers are compact explanations of OOIDA stances on various issues, including automated vehicle technology, CSA scores, electronic logging devices, driver training and more.

If you are pressed for time, the OOIDA Foundation offers “One Pagers” on a variety of topics, such as “Myth: One Truck Does More Damage than 9,600 Automobiles” and “The Dangers of Lane Restrictions.”