Stop jumping on trucks – seriously!

October 1, 2021

Land Line Staff


There are certain things you shouldn’t have to tell adults not to do.

Such as hurling yourself onto a semitruck then holding on for dear life as the truck travels at interstate speed. It should go without saying.

Apparently there are some in the Atlanta area who need to be told this kind of behavior is not acceptable – and just plain asinine.

Recently, videos of several instances of people riding on the outside of semitrucks have been captured by witnesses in and around Atlanta, causing concern for local authorities as well as public transportation services.


It’s one of those things that if you didn’t see it you just might not believe it.

The Atlanta Police Department confirmed on their Facebook page and through media reports they were aware of these recent incidents and have asked anyone who sees something like this take place to call 911 instead of filming the act.

Not only are these individuals putting themselves at risk, but they’re also endangering the truckers as well as every other vehicle on the road, APD stated.

Whether this is some new trend or whatever the case may be, putting a stop to this – and now – is the message from Atlanta law enforcement. LL