St. Christopher Fund notes success of Rigs Without Cigs program

November 18, 2021

Land Line Staff


On the occasion of the American Cancer Society’s annual Great American Smokeout day today, the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund is celebrating the success of its Rigs Without Cigs program.

Rigs Without Cigs is a smoking cessation program meant to engage with professional drivers and help them reduce, and ultimately quit, using tobacco products.

Rigs Without Cigs was launched in September 2017. Since then, it has helped 139 professional drivers quit smoking, according to a news release. The program has achieved a 40% success rate, and it has helped more than 100 other drivers cut their tobacco use by half or more.

While smoking rates have dropped dramatically over the past 40 years, smoking addiction still has a stronghold on professional truck drivers, according to the St. Christopher Fund. In fact, more than half of all professional truck drivers in the U.S. smoke.

For help to quit smoking, drivers can register in the Rigs Without Cigs program online at the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund website.

Registered drivers will receive a welcome letter with program details.

Drivers may choose from three methods for quitting smoking:

  • Cold turkey method, downloading or getting a hard copy of a book to guide the smoker wanting to quit.
  • Nicotine replacement therapy.
  • Tapering off Method, which makes use of a free app, Smoke Revoke for iPhone or Smokefree/Quit Smoking Slowly for Android.

The Rigs Without Cigs program offers several incentives to quit smoking.

For one month of being tobacco-free, drivers in the program get a tumbler and reimbursement of up to $50 for nicotine patches, lozenges or book.

For three months off tobacco, drivers can get a RoadPro 12-volt cooler.

For six months of living without tobacco, drivers can choose from a RoadKing 950 Bluetooth headset or a RoadKing RK CB Classic CB radio.

For living one year tobacco-free, drivers can choose to get two of four gifts (a RoadPro SnackMaster cooler/warmer; RoadKing 950 Bluetooth headset; a Wilson T5000 trucker series mobile CB antenna; or a RoadKing RK CB Classic CB radio) or a choice of one of two other incentives (RoadKing handsfree CB RKCBBT or a PowerDrive 1500-watt power inverter).

In addition to its smoking cessation program, the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund sponsors the Driving Down Diabetes program.

Driving Down Diabetes is a free yearlong program offering weekly, biweekly and monthly consultations to help professional truck drivers deal with this health threat. LL